September 30, 2010


Yesterday it was. So cool. So here's some pics.

The happening took place at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. A great place for it, I might add.

There was so much to see Schwarzkopf's hairdressers did hairdos for us(I got a Charlie's Angels look). Lumene did make ups. Olivia-magazine had Style School. Indiedays had picturebooth. Läkeröl had candyguess-booth. Specsavers and ONLY had also picturebooths. Also there was couple of bars and lots of else.

New nailpolishes. Loved the pink and grey! Have to have!

ONLY booth

Host Susanna Laine with Stylist Teri Niitti(I admire his work so much!!)

ONLY Fall Fashion Show. It was great. All the styles were awesome. It was truly breathtaking(and we were in the front row, yay!)

Avec moi @ Specsavers booth

Red carpet photo. Jeans and top Zara. Shoes(NEW NEW NEW) Dinsko. Blazer Vila. Bag Seppälä. Necklace Kappahl. Hair Schwarzkopf.

I won this. It tasted so good. Have to go buy some more!!

Jenni Vartiainen Live. Again a very great show. She's so talented and I sang all the songs(even tho' I didn't know I knew them ;)

Polaroids and other stuff we got. I wanna go back !!!!

Like you probably saw from the pics, truly a top event(btw new label: Events..). I went with my friend K and met Teemu(known from his awesome blog Thing For The Bling)and avec on the way there. I met also Jenni there. She's so beautiful and nice. Check out her blog, now!!! :) There was also lot of other celebs and bloggers there. And stylish people all around. Wish I could attend every The Voice Fashionweek event..

ps. I need your opinions: I'm thinking about going two language(english&finnish...) in the beginning of October. Anyways there's always more pics than text in Katwalk. What do you think??


This is my first writing for our School's paper. A style column. I always loved to write and in Junior High I was pretty talented. Now I found it again and love it. Like I love writing my blog.

September 29, 2010


I'm off to a great night with my friend K. I'm so excited!! Have a nice Wednesday everybody!! =)

September 28, 2010


Invites to The Voice Fashionweek. I'm so there!! Thanks Olivia!!



Here's a dream outfit again. I'm really into camel and leather and denim. The whole mid-western look... Gets me very inspired.. And I want want want wedge ankle boots.. Definetly, even tho' I'll be like sky-high then.. hehe.

September 27, 2010


I like, totally!!!


Gorgeous and stylish Olivia Palermo spotted at London Fashionweek looking perfect. And you probably spotted the new haircut? What do you think?

September 26, 2010


I'm torn, I don't know what to choose.. I have my Bonacure Silver Shampoo to help with my blonde and I could go with L'oreal which I do love... But I'm also tempted to try out Franck Provost's products... Give me some tips. What is good, what is great???

September 25, 2010

September 23, 2010


My new VeroModa leather skirt in use. Give me your thoughts... Don't mind my hair, it looks like crap. I just don't know what to do with it..

September 22, 2010


Here's finally some pics of last Friday and Saturday.

1. Choosing clothes at One Way
2. The Stylist-wannabe herself
3. 5min fast lunch at F8 Stockmann
4. Saturday. Empty Helsinki 7.30 am.
5. My beautiful model(and cousin) getting her hair done.
6 + 7. Make-up time
8. All the clothes before styling
9. My styling. Kinda chic-gypsy-look.
10. Waiting... waiting. I was super-nervous..
11 + 12. Backstage craze

So I didn't win(congratulations to the winner!!), but I got new friends and it was an amazing journey. And plus, I'm super proud of myself for doing this feeling like crap(because of the sickness)and didn't give up.
I'd like to thank NRJ&Jaffa for this oportunity, all the co-stylists, my model who stepped in literally in the last minute, great host NRJ's Tuija Pehkonen and everyone else who made this possible.
I hope there's another door for me when this one closed. I truly love styling..
ps. tell me your thoughts of my look!!!!

September 21, 2010


It's late Tuesday evening. I'm still at home. I was in hospital yesterday, in this breathing-mask-thing and in many bloodtests, so I could get a little relief for my lungs and sickness that has been on and on for 3 weeks now. Now I'm still resting. I'll post some pics of the competition tomorrow, but here's some shopping pics first. xo dear readers!

Haha. Had to post a pic of those Salty Fish. It's a joke.. I'm Katjes the Salty Fish :DD

September 20, 2010


Victoria is just made for Vogue. I love these pics, tho' they are old. The whole color world and the feeling.

September 19, 2010



These cute looks make me stand my overgrown bob a little better. I love how Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson and Alexa Chung rock these do's. But I'm still thinking about extensions.. I heard overgrown bob is actually it-look Fall 2010. What do you think of it?
(Sorry about the cursive writing. Blogger was giving me hard time again :(( )


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