July 29, 2010


I watched Mamma Mia from Canal+ on Saturday. I have the dvd, and I like it. I actually seen the musical on Broadway in NYC too, when I lived in New Jersey. Now I was so inspired by the scenery, the outfits, the colors.. And cute Amanda Seyfried. She's so good in this movie. Here's one of my favorite scenes of the movie:

and I used to be a huge ABBA-fan when I was like 10 :D

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July 28, 2010


As you know, it never goes like that when you step in to a store with good sales... Anyway. Here's my very mild and boring finds.
1. new workout shoes
2. new black ballerinas H&M, white bag(very me) SOKOS
3. black and white shorts Gina Tricot(I have beige pair and I love them. Very comfy.)
4. Over-sized gray blazer and black biker leggings Gina Tricot
ps. sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, shot them too quickly and in poor athmosphere. (had to hide from mother.. haha). And I don't know why blogger twists my pics, like the last one. it was supposed to be just the opposite :D

July 27, 2010


I fell in love with Iittala Kastehelmi products. I'd love to have these kind of little cups for myself but also for my dog. Like my friend J, you have to treat your animal with some design too.. Her cat enjoys food from Marimekko cups.
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July 26, 2010


...I'm enjoying Stockholm to the fullest. Those couple of days will be the best this Summer. I'm so happy to see my relatives and see as much as I can.. Now I have to start thinking about packing. I think I'll bring my running shoes so I can make some runs around..
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Yes my darlings. It's been one hot summer. And I can definetly tell my hair is getting even lighter(even without my Silver Shampoo and blonde highlights..). But also my hair needs a bit TLC. This Wella Lifetex is an awesome product. After shower for a leave it on-conditioner and voila, soft, silky, more vibrant Summer-hair. Many thanks to my friend K, who is an amazing hairdresser!! If life won't guide me somewhere, I'll follow on her footsteps...

July 24, 2010


1. almost eko-traveling with my mother.. To Helsinki Saturday morning
2.+3. Robert's Coffee with my mom, my treat.
4. waiting the Bachelorette-party crowd
5. At Grandmothers.. She made me breakfast. It's always 5stars there.
6.-8. Tanning and enjoying the Summer
9.+10. In Helsinki with my aunt
11. back from Shopping.. (little bit.. pics soon...)
12. love those sheets
13. again I got breakfast. The tea my grandmother makes is the best ever. It's made with pure love, and I always will remember it, always have loved it and always will.
14. All packed. My grandmother drove me back to my mom's via our Summer cottage
15. Food stop
16. Outfit, kinda. Long tank from Monki. I love the color.
ps. today is my 3rd name nameday. Yay :D Happy nameday also to my dear M(her 3rd name also.. we are so meant to be ;))

July 23, 2010

July 22, 2010


On Saturday I packed my bags and went to Helsinki with my mother to surprise my aunt with bunch of other people who are close to her. It was time for her Bacherolette-party(she's tying the knot in the end of August)

1. Opening drink.
2. Great view over Helsinki
3. Time for some competitions in Kaisaniemi Park
4. Fresita was the main drink, brides favorite
5. Bride buys stuff for Sauna
6. Metro-trip(more clues for the princess bride to solve)
7.-11. Sauna, swimming, food and more quizzez and games for the bride in Rastila. Amazing weather!!
12. No pics of me thanks :D
13. The whole gang ages 22-41, my aunts friends, sisters, cousin, nieces...
14.-17. In a karaoke-bar
18. Dancing 3am in Amarillo


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