May 31, 2010

Late b-day present

From daddy.

I know I'm the weirdo for loving Poirot, Holmes and stuff. But that's me.. I've ALWAYS been into mysteries and solving crimes.. When I was a little girl I dreamed to be a detective :DD haha. One of the many dreams anyway.. Ballerina-detective or something. Good times :DD

ps. Soon it's Summer!!! :)))

May 30, 2010


I don't have nothing else in my life besides work at the moment.. Don't really have time to do stuff.. I'm really dreaming about a little getaway in Stockholm, but I don't really have time for that..

Anyways, I love hanging more with my family and my little siblings...
Yesterday before work we watched bunny who was sleeping and eating in our backyard.

Afterwards we went to the town. And I played with my little sister in the play ground there. I love the parks this time of the year..

Also we had some ice cream with mom and sis. Perfection.

Now I have to get ready for work.. TTYL darlings! xo -Kat

late night hello

came home from work about an hour ago.. once again a busy day, just the way I love it.. And yes, btw, it's a new job, have been there for couple of days.. And I truly like the adrenaline rush I get when it's all so busy :))

I'll try to post pics tomorrow, I have some chemistry things to write(I'm running so late with them...), but hopefully it doesn't take long... And I'm working tomorrow too...
Good night xo -Kat

May 27, 2010

Something about me...

Any ballet flats or strappy sandals really. Also I love my Bianco & Dinsko heels..
SNEAKERS: My Converse shoes, my wannabe black&white Converse-ish shoes...
JEANS: Still looking for the one brand. I only wear skinny ones..
T-SHIRT: Any, kinda loose fit.. my LITTLE MISS BOSSY is a legend
UNDERWEAR: Definately Victoria's Secret, but also love those "vintage" ones from Lindex
BAG: All time favorite is my Longchamp
WALLET: My hinch wallet
SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban Wayfarers and all big ones..
WATCH: My golden one, don't remember the brand :D
JEWELRY: Nomination. Of course.
TV: The one I'll get this Summer ;))
CELLPHONE: Nokia, I want a new one!!!
MP3: iPod, of course..
COMPUTER: I'm using Compaq, but I'd love to have a Mac
MAKEUP: L'oreal, Lancôme, Clinique..
FACE CREAM: Dermosil
DEODORANT: Dermosil, Nivea
TOOTHPASTE: Colgate for sensitive teeth.. Poor me :DD
SCHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: Bonacure Volume Boost & Color Save. Love also SP-products as a treat..
SOAP: Dermosil, Lush
PERFUME: SJP - Lovely, Ralph Lauren..
MINERALWATER: Novelle or LIDL ones..
WINE: White.. J.P. Chenet is good, of course..
DRINK: CaipiRosca, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Margarita..
BREAD: Any dark one
FOOD: Pizza, fajitas, mom's macaronimess
ICE CREAM: Cookies and Cream
CANDY: Salty liquorice, liquorice..
BED: Not the one I have :((
BED LINEN: Finlayson, Marimekko
NEWSPAPER: Huvudstadsbladet
MAGAZINE: Glamour, Vogue, Elle(US,SE), Plaza Interiör

Just had a little idea to make a list of somethings I like... I got the idea from Marie Serneholt's blog.
The picture is taken April or May 2007, in NJ, USA where I lived back then..

for the ladies..

I've been listening for this tune for a while now, and then I heard it from radio.. Yes! This is for the ladies that had the crappies relationships and guys who didn't appreciate them...

This video is from Youtube

May 26, 2010

May 24, 2010


We had this school visit(field day???) at Marimekko's factory in Helsinki last Friday, like I told you.. It was so coool!
Here's couple of pics.. Didn't shoot the factory nor the prints F/W2010, but they looked good! And we got a little crazy at the Marimekko Outlet.

I bought some fabrics and a new pencil case.. I love Marimekko!

And afterwards, McDonalds.. ;) And then it was time to hit back our home town and also time for huge chemistry exam.. Eww...
Have a great week lovelies xo -Kat

May 23, 2010

I'm coming home...

Somehow it feels like Summer 2005, but still we are 5 years older... This Summer I'll be spending a lot of time in my hometown, or the town I lived in when I was a teenager..

May 21, 2010

Friday again...

Hello! It was a very busy, but fun and mostly hot day.. I'll post pics of it later... I just dropped by to link my friend who just started her blog:

Projektina Koti

It's a interior-blog. Check it out now and then ;) She has a great sense of style in decorating and it's very fun to see how the whole renovating and decorating is going...
Supporting you Julia xo -Kat

May 20, 2010


I'm so busy and probably soon very burned out... I have so many final exams and the whole wedding-dress project going on... In one week!!!
Tomorrow we are in Helsinki, visiting Marimekko. How cool!!!! And after that I have a huge chemistry exam.. and on Saturday and Sunday I'm working at my new summer job. So excited, but I'm so afraid I'll mess things up..
I'll post something nice later... It's such a great weather outside(sunny and 26 degrees!!), I need to go there and study! xo -Kat

May 18, 2010

my birthday 14.05.2010

Here comes the pics of my wonderful b-day... Couple of dear friends couldn't make it(but we'll party later M & K, right ? :)
Something went wrong, of course, it's my life, but in general, I loved my birthday! Congrats to me ;)))

First presents from secret admirer xDDD

Come on! It's my birthday, I deserve some junk food!!

Hot party, hot girls

Yummy things for the lovely guests..

My favorite girls :)

Party party party...

Time to hit the club(Cabaret wasn't open, what a bummer!!!)

My friend N. Such a rockstar pic.

Dance dance :DD We had so much fun... minus one nightmare, but hey.. I'm over it allready..

Haha.. imperfection is the key.. Me very sweaty, danced my ass off and probably had many shots..

My cards and gifts.. I got a gift card for this beauty salon to get a facial. Thanks lovelies T, K, J, N, T, P & K. Hearts hearts hearts.. True friends.

From mom.

My lovely, new NOMINATION-bracelet. I wear it everyday.

So sad it's all done now, but good times and memories... Now I'll get back to Coco Avant Chanel. TTYL xo -Kat

May 16, 2010

May 14, 2010


It's my Birthday :D A little tune for me =)) Tonight we're gonna hit the city wearing high heels and pretty dresses..

This video is from Youtube

May 13, 2010


It was 25 degrees outside.. Wow! I cleaned up my place the whole day and afterwards went to hang out with my friend.

My friend made me these gorgeous gorgeous nails today !! I LOOOOVE them!! So pretty and perfect color for tomorrow(party time!!!). It was a great birthday gift, thanks K :)))

Cute pics. Two cute girls. This dog is my new favorite, she has the best character and she is such a cutie-pie!

OMG. Tomorrow is my birthday, so not ready to be so old xDDD TTYL darlings! xo -Kat

May 12, 2010

last Friday

Just some paparazzi pics after getting my hair done.. Thank you so much T, I love these so much!!

Omg, only couple of days and I'm old :DDD haha just kidding. I still can't wait till May 14th, because it's party time with my closest friends and maybe a mother-daughter day :)) (if I should be so lucky... a perfect day!!)


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