April 30, 2010

going going...

Well, I'm going soon to celebrate with my friend. And yes, I'm wearing my graduation hat, it's a Finnish tradition.
Hyvää Vappua !!! xo -Kat

Last year

Last year I lived somewhere else and celebrated Vappu with a little group of awesome people.
So much has changed in a year, tho' it seems like a yesterday. Haha. Look at that hair ;DD

April 29, 2010

meet me halfway

I'm so inspired by the Spring sky and I'm probably going to bore you with all these photos I took and still plan to take and share.
I'm not crazy about the whole stars, space, planets and moon stuff, they actually make me a bit uneasy. But I love sunsets..

These are shot yesterday when I was out with my dog. As you probably guessed of the last pic.
Tomorrow it's VAPPU!! I had a little change of plans, but now they seem actually much more fun this way. I'll be sure to take my camera with. The weather is supposed to suck, but it's not going to slow us down. Now I have to go to bed, got to get up at 6 am tomorrow. Eww.
TTYL darlings xo-Kat

April 28, 2010

makes me want to dance dance...

I know, I've been mute lately. But I'm so so so busy right now, exams, school work(some classes are making me crazy and feel like a loser!)... And party planning, Summer-work and so on..
And it's Vappu this Friday too. The awesome Finnish people partytime. Actually it is a feast for the working people and students, but it has transformed to this national get very drunk-day. I'm just going to hang with group of friends. No expectations.
This song is getting me going this week, that's why I'll share it with you dear readers..

I'll post better post with new pics tomorrow! kisses -Kat

This video is from Youtube

April 27, 2010

pink skies

I love Spring nights.. They are getting lighter and lighter and skies are so beautiful.. Always pink-salmon-orange colored...

skin deep

I might not be perfect, I don't have the best skin, I'm not the skinniest out there, I'm not the average height, I'm not tan nor do I have the best abs...
I don't take any bulls**t, I'm not always nice, I'm not always happy, I have made huge mistakes(and paid for them, thank you very much). I haven't had the easiest life and it's hard for me to trust..

But at least I'm not fake and I can confess these things to the whole world.

April 26, 2010

perfect Saturday

Last Saturday was the way it's supposed to be. Some quality time with my siblings, shopping, food, ice cream and then party time...
Here's some pics..

Shopping at Lindex. Sis wanted to try some shades ;)

Food. And of course from McD.

My sis has the cutest hat! Going back to my place and then mom came to pick them up.

At Cabaret with T. Fun, but pretty quiet night.

T got some cuteness and I got nightmares.. haha. Good night tho'!

April 25, 2010

barely alive..

I was out yesterday.. partying a bit.. And slept pretty bad and went to my great grandma's b-day bash today.

I'm so tired.. I can do a day after partying pretty well, if I still have slept all right. But if I don't get my 8h sleep, I'm not working. At all.. I'll post something later, I just can't right now.. xo -Kat

April 22, 2010

I know, I'm doing lot of song posts, but hey we all love music! And I had the crappiest week since last week, so that's why there's not much to post of my life.
I wait this weekend badly.. On Saturday I'll be "babysitting" my bro and sissy. We'll go to the Mall, and to eat and have ice creams. Afterwards mom comes to get my siblings and I get to give my present to her(It's her birthday today. Happy birthday mom!!!)... And after that it's partyparty with my friend. Can't wait! It's going to be fun. Have to remember my camera and take lot of pics!!
On Sunday we'll go to Vantaa to celebrate my great grandmother. Tomorrow it's laundry and clean up-day. Not waiting that... But have to do.. My place looks awful.. TTYL you guys! xo -Kat

April 20, 2010

my head aches...

Nice feet you see there.. I have the worst headache today. I went to work-thing this morning, then to school, then back to work. When I got home I was so happy to hang with my beloved pup.
Today I had little time so I bought couple of my cravings.. TIGI hairspray. It's so good! Just what I needed, strong hold, but not sticky! And smells nice(some strong hold hairsprays smell so bad.. glad I found such a great one.). It's not really a surprise that TIGI is perfection, but this one is still all new to me.
Then I got this dress from H&M. Maybe a b-day dress, who knows ;) It's gorgeous. There's so many clothes I want(especially from Lindex!). And also shoes. I want probably 3 different pairs of sneakers and 3 different pairs of flats and 100000 pairs of heels... Oh well, that's me..

April 19, 2010

all done

Here's couple of finished pieces we've been working on the whole Spring.. The dying stuff..
First one is my design. It's not perfect, but it was my first try.. And I drew the picture so fast without inspiration...
The tanks are from H&M, but I printed a pic on them. The crown is one of my classmates drawing. She's really talented.. They look good.

Now the course is done, but it was so much fun. Next is the big wedding dress production.. I'll keep you posted of that. On Sunday I'll take the measurements and start working on the patterns.

April 17, 2010

just on my way out..

A quick hello! I'm going to meet some of my friends and have a girls night in.. Just chill.

Actually I was also posting to wish my dear dear friend (and loyal reader) S happiest birthday! The weather sucks(snow, are you kidding me!!!), but you are such a ray of sunshine, that you'll bright up the whole city. Happy birthday!!!

Me with new hair, kinda new shirt(from Monki) and so late... I don't know how to style this 'do. Or at least I suck at it.. Maybe one day!
Now I got to run! TTYL and have a fun evening! xo -Kat

April 15, 2010

Like violence, you have me...

I know I should be saving every penny, but come on. Give girl a break.. I've had the worst week, I'm so down and the stress is getting to me.. Almost depressed..
Don't get me wrong, I thank heavens of my life, my friends, my family.. But somethings in my life just aren't working. And those are the things that should work...

Needed pair of black flats. Cute. And found this lovely lovely lovely bikini from Gina Tricot. Probably won't be in shape this summer, so no bikinitime for me, but I have them. It's comforting.

My hairdresser(and friend) and friend recommended Bonacure shampoo and conditioner. Glad I bought them. They are awesome! My hair is like silk. Also found these pretty floral ballerina flats. Bought them, of course. I had pair just like them when I was little.

Tomorrow I don't have school or work. We had tomorrow's classes this morning and all the stores are on strike tomorrow. On Saturday I'm working again. TTYL xo -Kat

April 13, 2010

Take it, take it, love me, love me

First I wasn't sure about this song, but now I like it very much. It's kinda like my Spring anthem(also some old Blink 182 songs are so good right now...) Well done, once again Rihanna.

This video is from Youtube

April 12, 2010

sissy and pre-birthday celebration

Happy b-day baby sis

My mom's cat

What's up with you? Btw, over 400 posts here.. who has red 'em all? have a great day xoxo -Kat

April 9, 2010

new look

Ready for something totally different. I was.

Haha. Totally weird, but great. Looks so good and chic! And this awesome 'do is made by this lovely lady, who is very talented hairdresses! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I lost about 20cm hair, but it was given to some sort of charity.. Something to do with Mother's Day or so..

What do you think? And I never before knew my hair was thick!!! xoxo -Kat

April 8, 2010

You don't know about a girl...

Here's once again a great tune for y'all... I love spring. Don't you? Tomorrow I'm going to get a haircut... I don't know what to do yet... TTYL darlings xoxo -Kat

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April 6, 2010


One scary, weird film. We watched it with my aunt on Friday, because we like Lynch-movies.. Now I've been analzying it, and it's just in my head. I really should watch it again to find a peace. But not by myself, I'd go crazy. I definetly recommend this if you like things that are highly psychological and you like dreams... It's not bad. I just want to find the answers... Anybody out there know anything?

This pic is from Google

April 5, 2010

M's b-day part-A

As I told you, on Saturday I went to celebrate my dear friend's birthday and meet all of my High School gang. It was awesome.. We haven't seen each other for so long and it was kind of a reunion.

All the beautiful souls there. And we had a blast.

After the party at my other friend's place(birthday girls lives in Helsinki) we hit the kinda new club here Cabaret. We chose it because LUCKY THING IS there is at least K-20 and we didn't want to feel like old hags among those sweet-18ners.. It was a positive surprise.

All good things come to an end. Maybe we'll get together soon...

And you said that bring on the outfits, here you go! I love that it's Spring, as you see :DD haha. Had to wear my skirt and heels!

Could somebody give me a hint why my pics come out so grainy and bad? I should have a good camera and it just was fixed =((
Now I have to go, TTYL!!! Oh, and maybe I should do a little Q&A later this week. How about that? xoxo -Kat

Happy Easter

I'm so late today.. I've had the worst hangover for a very long time and quite an eventful weekend. On Friday I had a very nice evening with my aunt and yesterday I went to celebrate my friend(and see my high school gang). It was a looong night.
Today sofa and tv has been my bff. I'll post pics tomorrow, now I'm thinking about hitting the bed! ttyl my dear readers xo -Kat

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April 3, 2010

newbies for the Spring

I've been bad again. Okay, these newbies are bought over the weeks...

My new Spring parka. It's black, I wanted grey, but there wasn't any good ones..

Some Lush newbies. They are brand new products.. Sugar scrub for lips(perfect!!!!), shower smoothie and a body lotion. Love the shower smoothie. It's rose scented. I recommend to try them out!

New foundation. I bought one, but it was horrible and smelled SO bad, I just can't use it. Fortunately my friend showed me to this and it's awesome!! Also I found my fave color nail polish from H&M. Only 2,95€! I have it on now, it's very minty green and matte.

More from Lush. A Sugar Scrub, I use it for my feet. And Aqua Mirablis, once I tried I can't live without it! It's a exfoliator and a moisturizer in one.

FOUND IT!!! Today buying groceries, I found the perfect color. It's Maybelline, just the nude color what I wanted!

Also from the grocerie store. My favorite magazine.

Friis & Co. purse. I wanted a brown one, and something that's not huge or a clutch. Like it. It was on sale, so I bought it.

Impulse shopping from GinaTricot. Bra and floral top was on sale. The white top is pretty, but kinda poofy. I might take it back. I need a second opinion of it.


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