March 30, 2010

must haves...

spring must haves

I so want to shop. A lot. It's crazy. I need(or want.. it's not so clear to me ;D)so many things.. Like jeans. Light, skinny, ripped. I think I'm getting back to wearing jeans, tho' I love my leggings! And a plaid shirt. It's just a true must have this Spring. Right? And black flats. Because I don't have black ones and they are the best, 'cause they go with everything! Then tube scarf, new shoulder bag, nude nail polish(why can't I find a good one???) and lovely hairband... Not bad?

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March 29, 2010


I got this huge pile of photos from my mother. There's baby pics of me and pics of my childhood.. So glad I was young before the digital age, because usually all those digi-pics won't get printed and also all the momentary pics won't get taken, because it's so easy to erase and pose again! Love these...

March 28, 2010

lazy evening..

I woke up at 1 pm.. And haven't done anything the whole day. Fortunately I have a day off tomorrow... I have to get so much done(cleaning up, laundry, grocery shopping, school work..).

Now I'll tune in MTV and the new show Peak Season. I'm going to chill the whole day and maybe send some CV's around. TTYL xo-Kat

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March 26, 2010

Turn the lights off...

Tomorrow it's time to switch off the lights for an hour. Join the Earth Hour. In Finland it's Saturday evening from 20:30-21.30. For example you can take a long walk with your pet or your lover and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer to us and the starry sky.

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Inspiration. Erin Wasson. Duh.

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March 25, 2010

Sports day..

Yesterday it was a perfect, sunny day for our Sports Day. We went to Messilä, which is a skiing center to hit the slopes..

Actually my board was a road-kill, and I didn't want to kill myself so I rented skiis. Just to be safe.

Gorgeous weather and what a view from the top.

Juice and sausage, and then back to skiing

Before going downhill.

I'm actually so sore today, but it was so much fun. That's enough Winter for me. Thank you. Tomorrow should be +5 degrees. Lovely!!
Now I got to go to bed, I'm exhausted! I'll catch up with you later xo -Kat

March 23, 2010

textile designing

First we drew some pattern that we wanted. We chose this frame and then went to darkroom to get the picture to it. Of course, I have no pics from the darkroom :)

Yay. The picture is ready.

Next week we continued with them. We pressed the picture with this weird looking stuff to one fabric. Then we painted all over it. After a wash, the picture comes through.

Then we painted another piece of fabric ready. To that we pressed the same picture afterwards with this smelly, gooey stuff.

Boys making the gooey stuff. A little bit overdressed ;D

After pressing to couple of materials. The last pics fabric is velvet. Looks pretty nice, tho' my pattern is 2minute made, pre-school artwork looking nonsense thing xD
I'll show you the ready pieces of fabric when we get them(in three weeks, 'cause next Monday we don't have those classes and next Monday is Easter and a day-off)

Here's one post of school again, like some of you readers wished for. Now we have boring subjects like Swedish and computer classes, so there's not much to shoot, but I'll keep my eyes open and camera ready.
Tomorrow we hit the slopes with my friends. We have Sports Day at school and we are going snowboarding. Wish me luck! TTYL dear readers! xoxo -Kat

PS. Thank you so much Juliet for the Blog Award! I'm honored that such a big blogger like yourself gives lil' ol' me an award. THANKSSS!!
I've been having some problems with the internet and it takes so long to get to any Blogger blogs, so I'll be watching all of your blogs, whenever I get through. I promise! xo

March 21, 2010

Sunday afternoon

I just got this beautiful, antique dresser. It's gorgeous and finally I get all my jewelry and hair-stuff in order. What do you think?
Nothing has happened this weekend. I was so tired after work tomorrow, that I just watched a movie and then went to bed. Today two of my aunts came to visit me and it was good times.
Now I have to do some cooking, I'm starving! TTYL lovelies -Kat

March 19, 2010

somethings that made me smile..

Because I was so fed up with the never ending Winter, and also a bit down myself, I did what I do best. And what's the best cure for any sadness... And I might add, the things I got are a great help to fight Winter-depression :)

Lots of blouses. But I don't really have any, loose ones and ones that have nice, thin material.. And also Glamour SE, of course. Frankly it's because I started Swedish classes at school :)) Helps my Swedish! Haha, yeah right. My favorite magazine! Also I got these leggings actually awhile ago, but they were kinda lost in the moving, so now I managed to shoot them. Gorgeous print, don't you think.
Now I really need black ballerina flats(not in a hurry to buy them, because the weather is like that...) and Spring coat. I' thinking about some cute parka. I have my trench coat, but I don't think I'm mature enough to wear it. Even tho' I'm going to be so old in May xDD

Happy weekend! I'll post something, if something happends :D TTYL xoxo -Kat

March 18, 2010

Summer Dreams...

I'm so sick of snow, cold, flu, dark nights, boots, winter jackets... We've been really lucky with this snowy winter, but I'm just ready for spring and summer. I'm so bored with all the "late-winter"-wear I have, that I might wear almost the same outfit day after day. I'm missing flats and my leather jacket... And like I said. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF WEARING BOOTS!!!

Here's a little thing I created with Polyvore... Things I want this spring-summer. First thing is Summer dresses. I think I'm ready to get one or two LONG dresses. And I really want cool, fun Summer party dress. Also on my wishlist is rings. Big stones.. preferably golden.. I'm more of a gold jewelry person now-a-days(I used to be very loyal silver user only couple of years ago..). Also cute golden necklaces to wear all the time with other jewelry. Then shoes for the Summer. Cute and Summer-y ;) Also cuff bracelets. Love them!

What are your Summer-cravings? Are you done with Winter like moi? xoxo -Kat
dreaming of Summer

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March 17, 2010

my own time

I had some wine and tortillas the first Saturday at my new home. And just chilled. Perfect. Alone can be as much fun as with friends(I was a bit sick, so that's why I hung around by myself :)

Who says being alone sucks? :D Have a great day!! xoxo -Kat

March 16, 2010

Inspiration for the Spring 2010

I know. I know. Again Lauren. Here's some gorgeous pics, I love every outfit. Very inspiring. These are clothes from her line that's sold in KOHL's. And her hair is always been something I'd die for(I've been a fan since Laguna season1 haha).. Even tho' she's best known of her time in MTV's reality shows, she still has done so much other things too.. I do support her. Go Lauren!

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March 15, 2010

Ladies Housewarming Party

Like you know, I had a little ladies night/housewarming party last Saturday. It was so chill. We ate, drank homemade caipiroskas and chatted.
Here's pics...

The whole gang before hitting the club

Thanks girls! I got these pretty margarita glasses and some sparkling wine. And Vanessa got two bone crocs. Perfect!

All the bigger taxis were booked and we didn't want to wait for an hour. So we decided to walk. It was quite eventful :D It was so slippery. But anyway. Fun :)

Atm check

I don't usually use flash, because it's quite corny in a club, but all the pics are like this then. So maybe I should :DD I have to tell you, the club was a bit of a dissapointment. The entrance fee was ridiculously high and the dj was just bad. I mean, he ruined every song with unnecessary beats. Next time we choose another club.

Funfunfun. And a great crowd! Hope we do ladies night soon again. It's a good tradition :DD
Take care sweeties. I'm getting back to my exam study... BLAH xD xoxo -Kat


VB on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, GLAMOUR Sweden. Got to have it! She looks stunning by the way, not a surprise tho' :)

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March 14, 2010

I'm alive :D

Yesterday was so much fun, again. Such a good crowd. I'll post you a story of it tomorrow, I'm too lazy now. And all I want now is to chill with Vanessa. Enjoy day off... Tomorrow it's back to school and on Tuesday I have a BIG exam.

Ps. Vanessa's pic is in the new edition of Lush Times. You can check the e-mag out here. My baby :))

March 13, 2010

RTW part 4

It's so easy to adore all these collections.


Marc Jacobs

These pics are


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