February 27, 2010

movie and moving..

We are watching movie and packing here at my "old place". We are moving books, dvd's, clothes etc today and furniture tomorrow. This is the plan.
And the movie is Resident Evil: Extinction. I'm horrified, I mean laugh if you want, but I'm somehow very afraid of Zombies :DDD TTYL dear readers -Kat
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unpolished and unfinished collection

Here's this, it's very rough still, as you can see, I have still so much to do with it. But I was excited to show a preview of it :) I need to work with the colors, details and put it all together as a portfolio. If the models look weird it's because they are scanned from a handmade model and then polished with Corel.
But here you go.. I'll show you more too :)

February 26, 2010


I really have started to like Cheryl Cole a lot. Her style is great and music ain't bad either. I love how se pulls outfits together, or what do you think ?

And all the best for Cheryl to get through difficult times..

These pics are from CherylSource

February 25, 2010


New Years resolutions are meant to be broken, right? =)

Finally I have a 'do I can style so I bought a brush so I can have blow dry it better, and then a split end mender, hair refreshing spray and hairspray by Bonacure. Great products by the way. I know everyone uses hair powder spays nowadays, but they are too heavy for my fine hair and make it easily look dirty. So if you are like me, try this refreshing spray. It really helps, and also when hair gets limp (if it's windy weather for example) it helps to get it lively again!

Cute earrings from GinaTricot sale

Two tanks from GinaTricot sale

Cutest bag ever. Great for school too.

Three hairbands and cute cute earrings. All from GinaTricot.

February 24, 2010


Okay, never too late to post some pics of my Valentine's day this year :) There's too many pics of different foods, don't mind it. I had a great day.


Again some traditional Finnish baked good.

I went to see a hockey game with my friend. The blonde hair looks so weird to me already :)

Dinner at Amarillo.

Back at my friend's place we watched Moulin Rouge. I love that movie. I have to get it, I'm very surprised that I haven't bought it yet.

So as you see, I ate more that I eat all year :D And I had a nice day with my friends. Now I have to get back to my collection. Talk to you soon babes xoxo -Kat


My camera is here!!!! yay! It's so weird tho', now I have to remember that I have it and take lot of pics for ya'll. I have to post pics of Valentine's day that I have on my memorycard. I'll try today after work :) xoxo -Kat

February 23, 2010

decorating again..

I like decorating, but it's a bit overwhelming to do it again, so soon.. There's no way somethings are going to work at my new place, like pink pillows in the bedroom(there's blue walls, so I need to go all black and white), and my new bathroom has blue floors, so no pink bathroom anymore and the kitchen is too blue, so I need to get some clean elements there. I love the whole black and white thing, but also some splashes of color is needed..
Here's a collage of things I need/want from IKEA or from somewhere else.. Mainly for the dining area and kitchen, but also I'd love new furniture in living room. White or dark brown. I've had this tv-cabinet since I was 11 yrs old :DDD Golden oldie!
These pics are from IKEA.fi

February 22, 2010

guess what???

the hell is over. I got a new better, bigger, a bit cheaper apartment near where I live now. Aaah I'm so happy. Finally Monday that didn't kill me!

All this moving is not good for my wallet, but I guess you only live once and it's good to live somewhere that isn't 17 degrees celsius inside! Oh well. Now I have to start packing. TTYL lovelies -Kat

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monday again..

I'm so nervous, there's huge things going on in my life... I hope everything will work out. Can't jinx it so I tell you later, if it all crashes down(and then I'll be very hopeless and depressed..)
Sorry not posting anything this weekend, we had a snowstorm and my internet wasn't working at all(you'd think with advanced technology nowadays..).

Anywho, I got a message from my aunt who's getting married this Summer that if I could design and maybe do her weeding dress. I got so happy :) Now I'm already researching... Of course I keep you posted about all of it. I love wedding gowns, this is a big thing for me!

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February 19, 2010

I adore this song... And Jared is just unbelievable, in a very good way!

This video is from Youtube

good morning blog

I'm superbusy, and it's my day off from school, but I have tons to do before work and big things to stress about. Hopefully everything goes well..

I'm off for the weekend again, but I'll post things for you, of course :) TTYL loves -Kat

February 18, 2010

Hello Thursday!

Again had Corel class at school. Today we had to color different outfits and draw one from magazine and scan it and color it.. The last one is mine, from February Glamour, Prada costume..
Now I have to go to the grocerie store. TTYL xoxo -Kat

February 17, 2010

gimme gimme gimme


all these pretty things!! I love these fun and cute earrings that almost every store sells now. I was going crazy at Ginatricot yesterday !!! Also charm bracelet would be so great and long necklaces and cute hair clips and bows and bands to me please...

These pics are from Polyvore

February 16, 2010

sneak peek

my inspiration was totally lost, but now I'm drawing up a storm. It's still quite unpolished, but a little more than just a sketch... I'll show you more later. The first pic is just the figure I drew and the second pic shows 2/6 pieces. Shorts and skirt, inspired by 20's-30's, tennis, jazz, and so on.. The backside pics are still undone and also one more piece. I skecthed a jacket, we'll see how it comes through..

ps. WHEN ON EARTH IS MY CAMERA FIXED!??? Now I have to return the one I borrowed from friend's parents. What'll I do now!

February 15, 2010

new hair!!!

The cut is a lot shorter, but my hair was in a bad condition so that's why she had to cut off about 5cm off. But it'll grow back, right :) I looove the color. So natural perfect. Hairstore was great! Thank you!!!!

February 14, 2010

happy Valentine's blog

Happy Valentine's day everybody!
Hope you get to spend it with someone whom you love or who's close to you!
And to Juliet: Have a very great Valentine's, better than last year even tho' it was in Paris. Thank you for remembering me again, touched me. I'm greatful! True friends are for life !!
I'll post something later then.. xoxo -Kat
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February 13, 2010

good evening!

I'm spending a long weekend at my friend's. I'll try to create my collection and catch up with my exams.. And of course, trying to relax and get off this anxiety and sadness that's hanging over me..

Anyway, here's something that inspires me a lot now that I design my collection. I'll promise to show you somethings when I'm finished :)

Have a nice Saturday everyone. kisses -Kat

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Missed the Finnish showing of VS fashion show 2009. Those of you Finnish fellows who missed it too here's some pics... VS is again very sexy.
ps. I have a hairdressers appointment on Monday. I've been in control of my own cut and color for so long that I'm very scared.. Hopefully I get my point through and end up with Victoria's Secret like big sexy hair :DDD (and not weird color or maybe half bald!!)

These pics are from Fashionologie.com

February 12, 2010

It's Friday

Today was just exhausting. So I needed a little pick up... and what's better than Lush ??

These kind of KNOT WRAPS have arrived :) There's three different kind in Lahti, this was the biggest and my favorite. Says LOVE KNOT. How clever ;)

A little demonstration what you can do with this wrap other than gift wrapping. You can tie it up and waer it as a bag or a cute scarf. I'm thinking about other ideas too..

Also I got my first Valentine's gift. From myself. I was going to buy the ballistic Sakura, but this had the same smelling soap in it and I love the smell, so of course, whole thing for me..

Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. I'm going to visit my friend and hopefully have a great time. I'm so stressed out.. Maybe one day I'll tell you why, now I don't want to jinx it at all, because the subject is so fragile, it seems.. TTYL -Kat

February 11, 2010

want want want

These babies are on my shoppinglist. I mean: perfect canvasshoes, gorgeous!!
This pic is from Dinsko

February 9, 2010


I had so much fun with my friend M, who visited me last Saturday. It was truly a sleep-over. We made a berry pie, ate fajitas, drank couple of drinks, watched girly movies and made face masks. And also, of course, gossiped :D

Great food :)

And some Bridget Jones

Next day we went shopping. There was some stores open.

Then it was food time :P I'm a whale right now!!

Found them, at last! Had to get that vol.1 dvd! Vol.2 is also a must have!

Also I found cute dog stuff from Puppyangel, for example a coat and a bathrobe. That sound stupid, but I need to wash Vanessa quite often and she gets so cold afterward that something like a bathrobe would be ideal! Have to think about this.


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