January 31, 2010

violet fever

Walked by the Spirit Store sale. And had to go in... (me saving ca$hhh :D ). Found this adorable Friis & Co. scarf and long top with stars(print and sequined) on it, and togehter they costed 11 €. Not bad, huh. They are actually more violet, the webam doesn't give justice to them.

shopping list

I try not to shop now, because I'm saving for a trip to NYC and also to another Stockholm-trip. But here's couple of things I'm looking forward to purchase this spring:
new purse(Big one), floral long top, light denim shirt, white chucks, denim shorts, bracelets, a cute wallet(another one. I fell in love with that style), new sunglasses(colorful frames), charm bracelet, red lipstick, floral tights, maybe a lash extensions, textil shopping bag..
Just silly things, but I find them very attractive :)) What do you think ? What's on your spring shopping list ?
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January 30, 2010

+ & -

Good morning y'all! I'm off to work and after that I have to study and do a lot of homework.
Here's this weeks plus and minus.(I know I look like an idiot, please don't mind my face :D)

+ Got this Cityshopper-card. With it I get good discounts at multiple stores, hairdressers and cafés. For example. It's a shop-a-holics must have :D

- MY SHOE!!! Snif. It's still cold outside, I probably have to buy a new pair...

January 29, 2010

cozy night in

Just chilling at home inside a blanket, drinking tea and watching War And Peace. Other choice was Gone With The Wind, maybe tomorrow. I'm looking for an inspiration for my school project..
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basic & beautiful

The most stylish 'do this season is a plain messy braid. Back to basics...

I'll post some pics of my Stockholm-trip when I managed to edit them.. There's so many of them, prepare yourself ;) Have a great Friday xoxo -Kat

These pics are from Fashionising.com

it's cold outside..

It's fully winter here... It's freezing outside and so cold inside too. It has been almost -26 Celsius outside(that's -14 Fahrenheit..). Not very inspiring walking 30 minutes to school and another back.

The nature is beautiful and I do love now that it really is winter-y. But come on, this is way too cold, even for me!

January 28, 2010

every Thursday..

10 pm tonight it's on. Finnish reality show Martina & Esko, that is. It's quite enterntaining and I never miss it(it's perfect after long day at school). It's about this famous Finnish couple(both of them are dancers in showdance groups[click here] and [here] ) and Martina's pregnancy. Kinda like Jordan & Peter.
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new friend

Had to bring something for my baby too, after all I abandoned her for one whole day! This is a cushion from Monki. I'm very fond of Monki, I think the whole concept is adorable. Vanessa doesn't really now what to do with this thing.. She tried playing with it, but let's face it, it's the same size than she is :D

January 27, 2010

let's stop chasing those boys and shop some more...

Finally the pics I promised. I had a little set back, because the usb I got with the borrowed camera wasn't right and the memory card reader didn't work in my "photo editing and picture" computer(it's my old computer, surprise). So sorry this took so long, but here you go:

Colorful checkerboard hoodie, mint green sweater, striped long sleeved top, white tank top with dots. All from BikBok.

Print scarf and Peachy tank top from Monki.

Loose kinda zebra printed shirt from Monki and purse(with mirror inside:) from Zara.

Light blue ripped skinny jeans from Topshop. Black ripped skinny jeans and grey skinny jeans from Zara(those two only 99kr pair, that means 10 € !!!)

Soft blue sweater(very lightweighted material, love it) and 3x cute vintage feel-y underwear from Topshop. The blue is much nicer, but I had some problems with the camera, it wasn't very good..

Floral dress and white sweater from Urban Outfitters(LOVE THAT STORE!!!!). And VeckoRevyn, of course. It's a great magazine.

Cute necklace from Urban Outfitters sale. I think it's missing some of the charms, but anywho very cute.

Finally bought Influence by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. And love it. Such a great book. Bought it too from Urban Outfitters. Had to resist other great books like "Fashionista" ja "What would Audrey do ? ". And funny decorative objects.. and and.. Ripped grey sweater is from Lindex which also is one of my favorite stores nowadays.

Like I said. I went a little crazy there. And can't wait to go back, I love Stockholm. I'm planning to do an exchange period in Sweden maybe next or my third year studying.
Sorry for the pictures, I couldn't figure that camera out at all. Wondering when my own camera is coming back...

Well, now I have to go to bed. I'm so exhausted. I fell asleep after school(before work)and didn't even notice.. Good night blog -Kat

January 26, 2010

hejssan blog !

I'm back =) Actually I was back at home about 1 pm, but I went straight to work. Now I have to shoot the things I shopped(a lot :D literally shop till you drop) so I can post 'em. I couldn't get enough of stores in Stockholm; Bikbok, Monki, Urban Outfitters, Topshop.... Ang great sales.. Gorgeous things were like 10 € :O Can't wait to show you everything.

And we're planning a new trip, 'cause it was so much fun! Haha. Well, now I need to cuddle with my dog, so I'll TTYL xoxo -Kat

January 25, 2010


I was so inspired by Cheryl Cole after reading her interview from Glamour, that I had to check out her style more. Here's just one outfit, got to love that sequined jacket! And ripped jeans and the tank, great! Also this pretty lady has always a hot bag with her. I realized I really need to find a bag for myself... Maybe studded.. Maybe big...

(I'm at Stockholm now YAYYY! This is obviously scheduled post..)

This pic is from Cheryl Daily

January 24, 2010

Today !!!

We're off to Stockholm!!! Yeeehaaawww!! I'll get back to you on Tuesday xoxo -Kat

January 23, 2010

Good evening blog !

Cutie pie and myself are visiting a friendly family at the moment. Vanessa also stays here for our cruise.. I hope everything'll go smoothly..

I have a question for all you from Sweden: Tell me some it stores in Stockholm ? Any great shoe-stores there ? We have Dinsko here so I'd love to check out new ones...

Have a great Saturday everyone! TTYL -Kat

blonde bob.... ???

For a long time I've been quite bored with my 'do... Especially now when it's just static all the time and I can't do much with it. And this kind of blonde bob has been on my mind. I mean it's sophisticated, easy, changeable and with some clip-ons you'd have long tresses in an instant.

I know the cut is probably out of date(I've never been trendy with my hair... I tend to be very old-fashioned when my hair's the subject..), but I think it's so cute. I have to check out some clip-on options(I don't have a problem to wear them. I wouldn't fake that I'd have long hair by wearing them all the time, but sometimes for a bit of change... Like all of the celebs do, frankly ;)
Well. I'm still not sure if I shall go with it... I mean I've been growing my hair for so long and everybody compliments it.. And I don't know how this kind of cut would go with my bone structure :D
Other thing I've planned is new color... More brown or this Whitney Port-style hair...

What do you think ? Too out of date or maybe even that I could pull it off ?

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January 22, 2010

moment with glamour

A little dark pics of my new issue of Glamour magazine and the gorgeous Cheryl Cole on the cover!!!
Loved this issue, great editorials and pics..

I've been noticing that my readers are drifting away one by one and I'm really sadden by it... Maybe my blog just ain't good. I really ask for your patience with these posts and webcam shots. I haven't heard ANYTHING from the camera repairer and I really am a little pissed off...

If you have hints and tips and ideas, please share them! I really read every comment and I appreciate all the ideas that you give to me and when I get my camera back, you'll get more outfits and so on..
Hope all this ain't just waste of time :/ thank you for reading - A little depressed Kat

a little inspiration du jour

Whitney Port in You Magazines. I love the looks and the make-up.

These pics are from Whitney Port Official Web Site

January 21, 2010

almost Monday...

I just can't wait until Monday- probably the first time ever Monday is my favorite day of the week :) I'm going to meet my relatives and of course, hit some awesome stores in Stockholm!!!
I had to do some "windows" shopping @ Monkiworld.com.. I'm sensing that this is going to be a very good trip!

So cute!
I've had a pretty bad day, so I've been just inside my four walls eating candy and watching some quality tv like Emmerdale, The Hills, The City... and so on..
Tomorrow I have a day off from school, but from 4pm - 8pm I have work and before that I have to buy new pair of leggings'... Confessions of a shopaholic ;) hugs you lovely readers -Kat

These pics are from Monki


I'm at school. We're working with Corel Draw, and these pics were part of our assignment today. Haha. The other one is supposed to be my dear dog :P

I'll post something later... xoxo -Kat

January 20, 2010

ready set go

I found these cute earrings from Lindex. Only 2,95 € and it has three pairs, great deal I say. My friend said they remaind her of traffic lights :DD Kinda, maybe. Haha.
Are you tired of the webcam shots ? I haven't heard back from the camera fixer.. Thankfully I get a camera for the Stockholm-trip. I'd die without pics from there...
ps. Congrats to my cousin! Hope you have a great b-day!

January 19, 2010


Song, again. Heard it one day and liked it immediatly. TTYL loves -Kat

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January 18, 2010

new things that'll make me pretty... hopefully

I visited my friend this weekend. And just happened to walk in a store. Seriously I don't have a problem :DD Anyways... I found some make-up on sale... This mascara(Maybelline Colossal Volume Express) has been on my mind for so long and when it was only 7,50€, you buy. And then I found a eyeliner marker and bronzer from Wet and Wild. Everything togerther only 13,50€(including the mascara). Nice.

January 17, 2010


Lauren always has the cutest outfits on... No surprise that she is a big inspiration for me.
So... you wanted more inspiration-posts, trend-posts and outfits. I promise to give you more outfits when I get my camera back(I don't get good ones with webcam)and as for everything else: I'll work on those. Thank you for commenting! Also I've tried to share a bit more of my life, if you like to see something else, like school or just regular things, let me know.
Ideas are always welcome! kisses -Kat

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spring wishes

spring 2010 wishlist

A little collage of things I want this spring.. just very casual stuff.. And fun, cute earrings! I'm in love with those... Also ripped skinny jeans/ leggings, must haves.. And I also have a mission to find long loose t-shirts that fit me without being size XXL.

Oh and something MINT GREEN!!!

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January 16, 2010

I love love love this song!

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crazy about him

I mean he is hot. But the thing I love the most is his style, very laid-back... Why isn't there guys like this in my reality ?

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January 15, 2010


I'm finally through... I mean my internet connection has been giving me such a hard time. Couldn't connect at all yesterday and today I've been loading this page for about 7 times and the time it took. Unbelievable.

Anyway. I've been efficient. I've been cleaning up a storm here, put all the Christmas decorations away, took away the trash and polished everything. I love when it's nice and neat like this. I feel so uncomfortable in a messy home, unorganized and I can't get anything done.

Now I'll get back to the dishes.. And you know me; I HATE WASHING THOSE!! Not a fun night ahead. I think I'll watch a movie. Maybe from the Audrey-box...
TTYL loves xoxo-Kat

January 13, 2010


I'm off to my friends place. We shall party tonight(I'm becoming the most boring 22 year old ever if I don't do something else than sit at home with dog).
I'm waiting for the results of dog's tests and then we know what to do. I needed a little time off... Going crazy waiting and worrying.
As you see, it's all webcam pics now 'cause my camera is healing. So I'm almost ready to take off. A little smoky eye make-up, I'm thinking this shirt and leggings... Nothing special.
Have a nice night darlings! I'll get back at you tomorrow. love-Kat

January 11, 2010

hello blog!

I had the worst headache today. So that's why I'm blogging this late.
I'm sorry, I have to take my camera and get it repaired so no pics :(( And tomorrow I might be mute, because I'm taking my baby dogster to the vet and it might take awhile. But hopefully we find something that'll make her feel better.
Hang with me. lovelovelove -Kat ps. only 1 week 5 days till I'm off to Sweden :)))

January 10, 2010

Tonight it's on..

Tonight finally MTV FINLAND shows the new seasons of The Hills and The City. I know they've been available online, but I like to watch them from tv and also my internet connection sucks, so... I'm sure it's a drama-full evening ahead. TTYL -Kat

These pics are from MTV.com

better my blog

Dear readers. Now I ask some tips and hints, what you'd like to see in my blog. Something more, something new ? You decide, you tell! I listen. I'd like to make my blog better, more fresh and fun and that's where I need your help dear readers. Answer with any language; Finnish, Swedish, English.. All ideas are welcome! Love -Kat

This pic is from Wildfox


I know I've been all about hair lately. But I'm missing my long do' so much!!! This just ain't working for me. Just look at these from 2009. Sigh.


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