November 30, 2009

my weekend

I tried to have a chill weekend, last weekend. Spend some quality time with my dogster and study. Well, I hang out with my dog, but I didn't study much :D Bad me.

I had guests coming over on Sunday so I baked some Christmas treats... I love those.

Oh Vanessa. She had to take a shower and wasn't too pleased about it :D

My cousin, 4 yrs. drew a pic of me and Vanessa. So cool =) It says "This is you. Are you happy ?" Aww. Heart her

My weekend tv-shows... Mtv had SpongeBob marathon on Saturday. More SpongeBob, please :D And then on Sunday I watched some Ellen(can Finland get fresh Ellen-episodes.. ??? )and shows like Marriage Under Construction and Style Dept.. Ellen's guest were Heidi Klum(lllove her, she's so funny and nice)and Sean William Scott( is it weird to have a crush on him ?? :D ) And Sunday's tv-movie was Da Vinci Code. I was excited to see it again, I like it. I like mysteries..

Okay, I have a pretty boring life. Well now it's all exams and Christmas parties for the next three weeks. I don't know how I'm going to make it through... On Wednesday we have Chemistry exam. I really need to start cramming for it NOW.

Ttyl sweeties



November 29, 2009

goodies for hair

Something nice to spice up my 'do. It's getting pretty boring, I know. But how could I a) change the color and b) cut it without the change being too dramatic? Hints are welcome :D I guess I love my barbie-hair(this is a workplace-joke :D)

November 28, 2009

some outfits

Hello darlings!

Here's some outfits... Sorry they are nothing special and there's not more. I'm usually in such a hurry in the mornings that I don't have time to shoot outfits or then the pics come out weird. Anyway, I'll promise promise promise to get better at this.

Haha. Black black black. I love colors, but I guess this is just me...

Have a great day! I'm all day at work. And after that I have some studying to do.



November 27, 2009

driving school done

Goodbye driving school, hello permit to drive until I'm 70 yrs (or mess up badly..). So happy. One less thing to stress about.
Here's random pics of today...

More of this outfit tomorrow... Didn't have time to blow-dry hair or do anything about it. Blah.

Permit that I took to the police station. And the great driving school. The theory-lessons today were actually so much fun, who would have thought.

On my way home. Hey Father Frost, let it snow! It's so depressing outside :(

Now I cuddle with my puppy. A great night.

Tomorrow I have work and I'm so tired already, so good night everybody!

lots of love



The Beckhams at the Lakers game. Oh so stylish!
I love Victoria's hair and I bet this is her laid-back style. I wish I looked more like that when I'm laid back :D:D

Have a great day!

I'll post more tonight after work!



This pic is from Celebrity Gossip Center

November 26, 2009

hello blog!

Tomorrow is the final day of my driving school. It took all day today(I was at this icy driving rink to practice dangerous situations..) and the stress and the scare about it all made me exhausted.
I'll post something nice for y'all tomorrow! Now I'm thinking about going to bed.

ttyl lovelies!



November 25, 2009


30 seconds to Mars is coming to Finland!!! March 12 is THE DAY!! I really want to go see it...

Oh I wish. The tickets are probably already sold out... And I don't know if I even have the chance to go..


ps. Today I have a nameday. Haha. I forgot all about it :D

This pic is from Google

November 24, 2009

one more month to go...

Omg. Christmas is seriously near. A month goes so fast. Christmas already shows in stores and I'm already bit by the Christmas spirit...

I'd like to list some of my fave Christmas-sy movies, that really set the mood... I love Christmas and the prettier and more traditional, the better. A many gifts is a great bonus ;)

So here's something I watch..

What about you ?

Pics are from Google

November 23, 2009

Saturday night dinner

I was out and about last Saturday. Okay not so much, just went out to have some dinner with pal. It was nice, something different and also I didn't have to make dinner myself. Yay!! =)
So here's some pics..

Christmas lights in the city.

Crazy person pics :DDD

FOOOOD :P It was so good. That is not red wine or anything, just coke. Very classy :DD

And here's outfit-pic. My new gorgeous sequin-shirt/dress... and those earrings from Lindex. Were 70% off. Love 'em too.


I know. I'm bad...

Cute long tops with sequins. Great find and you can actually wash them in machine, which is something I highly respect :P

Trying to get these in every color ;D This was 50% off. No questions..

Long sweater and long top with that has these chains.. I fell in love immediately, didn't have to think twice.

So beautiful. I think this defines me: a feather, black diamond-like-thing and a pearl. Get the point ? Gorgeous.

These Dinsko heels were ONLY 24,90€. You don't question, you buy!!

Over the knee. Finally!!!! I was a little skeptic about the fact that they are grey. But they were a great deal, the heel is nice and feet don't get so sore in them. And also did I mention they are over the knee ?? And a random customer in the store said they looked so good on me that she had to get those too... Aww :D

Now I'm taking a break, No shopping.

Yeah right :)

Have a great day lovelies !! <3



November 22, 2009

Vanessa 2 yrs

Today is Vanessa's birthday and we celebrated it with some gifts and hugs. Also Vanessa wore this lovely blue bow.

She got this big, green toy bone, two bones, three yummy-sticks, one weird squeaky long cow and a cutecutecute sweater. I hope she had a good day.

Hope you have a great day!



November 20, 2009


Shot and edited this pic of my sis playing with a balloon. She's the cutest! <3

November 19, 2009

Lush for you ??

I was asked to give recommendations of Lush-products and I'm happy to do so. Because these products changed my life and it was actually a pure coincidence that I tried them out, and I'm so glad I did. Once you go Lush, you can't go back! =)

But anyway; here's some of my favorite products which are also very popular among others as well..

Ocean Salt. The perfect scrub; scrub mask and normal scrub. Works like magic and is gentle enough.. It's great for any acne-skin. Also the sensitive ones.

Yummy Vanilla Dee-Lite moisturizer for hands and body. Smells like vanilla. And makes skin silky. Very flirty.

One of the best soaps. Sexy peel. Peels gently and has this amazing fresh marmalade smell, but it's very refreshing not too sweet.

My personal fave shampoo Daddy-O. Great choice for those who are blonde and not naturally. Has the same effect than silver-shampoos and also leaves hair silky and shiny.

The Sugar babe-scrub. It's sugar. And lovely. I use it to scrub my hands and then use moisturizer and get hand so soft that I just want to touch them all the time. Softens other parts too... And great price too.

Fresh facemasks are awesome and this chocolate pudding looking and smelling Cupcake is my number one. It's very deep cleansing and gets rid of spots. See, not all chocolate is bad for your skin.

Buffy is for every women. It scrubs and leaves your skin soft and moistened so you don't need to use moisturizer after shower. It also fights imperfections on skin and gives you that baby skin feel...

This season Snow Fairy, the candy smelling shower gel is back. It's the best and on stores only on Christmas time. So get one big bottle. It's yummyyummyyummy and pink.

These and other great products you'll find at your local store and also from your own country site). Also the policy behind these products is great...

Hope this helps... Feel free to ask more!



These pics are from Google


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