October 31, 2009


Have a great Halloween everybody!!

This pic is from Google

sneak peak..

something like this. Hope to get some other pics for you as well of tonight. I already messed up my stay up and everything is going so wrong. Hope the night is fun tho'!

I'm off...



Happy Halloween!!!

So it's Halloween. I have so much to do before tonight's festivities.. I'm going to clean up this "crib"... It's a total mess.
I was so happy to wake-up. The weather is AMAZING!!! And there's snow too, not much but anyway!
I got a brand new facemask and I'm planning on to put it on after cleaning. A little treat of job well done.

I try to get a bit of a sneakpeak of my outfit tonight for ya(if it's any good :D). I hope you have a great day and not too scary Halloween! :P




October 30, 2009

Vanessa got a new collar. Pink, of course. It's just a bit too big so I have to make a new whole so it fits.

She loved it. The other one was getting small.

Tomorrow is Halloween! I have a birthday bash to go to. I still have to figure outfits and gifts out...

What are you all doing ? What are you wearing ?



October 29, 2009

what to wear... ?

What should I wear on Halloween ? Last year I was Alice In Wonderland, but now I want to be more neutral. Maybe I should be fashionable flapper girl a la lovely Lauren was or other choice is a mafia-chick.


This pic is from Google

october 09

It's almost done, next weekend we start November... And soon is year 2010! Wow. Look at the time fly.
Fall is kinda depressing, but still beautiful. All those yellow leaves that we found from the forest near our house.. Pretty.

Hope you have a great day!!



October 28, 2009

little moment

091026. Love.

love their style

After watching Daddy's Girls -rerun from MTV I made up my mind that I truly dig these girls style!
I mean they both have always the best pieces on and look so stylish. I'd love to be able to wear bright colors and mix and match like they do.
I also like Pastry-things that Vanessa and Angela(Simmons) design. I wouldn't mind owning couple pairs of shoes and those yummy colored clothing...

What do you think ?

These pics are from Google

October 27, 2009

H&M Spring '10

Today I got the new catalog. Very cute, colorful stuff there. And nice casual heels that were inexpensive too... But it's so weird think about spring shopping, when I haven't found my winter-jacket yet :D

I'm waiting for the DIVIDED catalog, because it's probably my favorite collection of H&M.
Don't know if I'm ordering anything. Maybe couple pair of heels. Maybe.

Monday outfit

I had a black cardigan, black long top, dark denim leggings and ankle "ugg-wannabes", and my sequined hat. Also I tried a little heavier eye liner and liked it.




ps. Yesterday I went to the driving school to get a time to get my license renewed. November 26th-27th and it's done. Then I can drive 'till I'm old and wrinkly. Yea!



Now I want these : faux-fur vest, long-loose-party-tanks, cute and edgy(different) jacket for the Winter, big golden hoops and ankle boots.

This is from Polyvore

October 26, 2009

important matter

I support.

That ribbon is designed by Hanna Sarén(it has 3 women printed in it) and this bracelet is from USA and says Early Detection Saves Lives.
I got the ribbon from LINDEX, it was only 2€.

ps. if you are wondering why is it all these webcam shots now; it's very fast and also my digital camera is giving me some hard time and I really need to go and complain about it(I got it in February or something... hmph :( )

October 25, 2009

time for a run

We're off for a little run. I'm feeling much better after chilling the whole day(and bored, I might add..). And we both need to work out a bit. Vanessa is on a diet now, and me too, but that's not a surprise :D

This is my 201st post in Blogspot! The first half of this year was quiet, but I'll try my best to keep my blog strong for the rest of 2009 and posts interesting enough with a lot of pics!

Thank you all who read my blog, it means the world to me!!


Good morning!
I'm getting sick... :(( my throat is so sore and I just have the foggy feeling, you know :( Not fun. Yesterday I hung out with my girls and we had so much fun, but then we went to eat kebab and it was so bad! Seriously, I got stomach-ache of it. Who thinks mincemeat-sauce is great for kebab ? Wondering....

Yesterday after work I went shopping a bit. I tried to find great party-tops to wear with leggings', but I nothing catched my eye. Some great lbd's can be found, but I have some of them already so I didn't want to buy another one right now. Instead I bought two pair of leggings :)

Beige ones and dark denim ones. Gorgeous!

And a t-shirt. Actually it was "free", because they had this: buy one get two-sale and this was the cutest thing I found from there.

Also I bought new TRENDI, it was an anniversary edition. It's Finnish fashion and trend-magazine. My story was in it :) Tho' it was cut down to couple of sentences and a little changed. But anyway! I was in it, so proud :D haha.

I'm thinking about ditching all the jeans and start wearing only leggings. I mean they come in every color, they are tight and neat and I have such a hard time to find good jeans, because I'm tall and I'm very weird sized :D I wear size S leggings, but in jeans it's not that easy :((

Now I really need some tea, my throat is killing me. Also I'm planning to lay down a bit and watch great shows from MTV. I think Brooke Knows Best-weekend break is on. They really should show old shows like Newlyweds, Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor on Sundays. They'd be excellent for chilling :DD

Have a good one!




October 24, 2009

shop-a-holic in Stockholm

okay here's couple of pics of things I shopped while I was in Stockholm. Not nearly enough and no: they are not greyscale pictures :D I just shop black-white-grey hued things a lot. And we need to wear black-and-or-white at work, so that's why I'm buying more and more those colors.

Here's a list, because the pics aren't so clear(because all the black clothes blend :D)

-two long normal tank tops(black and white)
-grey vest
-two cardigans(black and white)
-Swedish Elle
-Vecko Revyn-magazine
-big scarf
-black top
-white t-shirt with bow prints
-long black shirt with buttons on the backside
-Bilar-candy(my favorite!)

Like I told you, not my best shopping case; but still managed to find some gems. I love Monki. All you who live in Sweden; you have the best stores there!!!

October 23, 2009

this Friday

Today I took these...

Great way to spoil yourself: chocolate-vanilla pudding and chocolate-facemask. That mask is amazing, smells yummy and works like a magic with my terrible skin!

Vanessa shaking it ;) I dunno really what's up, but she looks cute!

Time to get rid of those roots... But still look natural, this was my choice.

Hope you have good night!
I'm planning to relax with my dog and watch some quality tv(like BB or something else similar to that)

I'll catch up with you later!



ikea last night

So we went to IKEA last night. I forgot to buy couple of things, but managed still to bring home stuff. Look at those cozy slippers! I bought them to wear after shower, because my feet get so cold especially in the mornings.
The food in IKEA is so good! Try it if you haven't!

Hope you have a great day !!! :)




October 22, 2009

Stockholm 101909-102109

So here comes the pics. Sorry you don't see so much of me, because I'm always the paparazzi and not so good poser. But anyway, hope you get how fun this trip was.

We went to the harbor by a bus. It was a total party bus and we were just laughing out loud. Sorry other people! LOL continued...

At the harbor. Boys were surprised by the fact that us girls had beer too. I have to admit that not our first choice.

First night went by pretty calmly. Us gals just chilled in the cabin and shared gossips. Of course. Girl-talk. Then we went to sleep, but the weather wasn't nice and the whole ship was rocking so hard that we didn't sleep good at all.

Early in the morning. Something I love about coming to Stockholm with a cruise ship: the Swedish archipelago. It was pretty grey outside, but I stood there and took many photos.

Aaah. Stockholm <3 <3 one of my fave places in the whole world. I love it!

Shopping near Hötorget. We had a pretty fast phase going on, because we wanted to see so many stores. But it wasn't enough. I didn't get everything I craved for.

We went to eat with my friends' dad who lives in Stockholm. He drove us and we got to see a little more than usually. I also met my aunt there. I wish I had more time, though. I promised I'll go back next summer.

Eating. First meal on Tuesday. The first thing is food my friends call Pizza-salad. And of course. Pizza. Yummy!

What a cute little house there! My friends laughed at me, because I took so many pics.

Noooo we had to go back. Actually, my friends thought the time was more than it was and we were more than hour early back at the ship. It was so boring to just chill there with nothing open, when we knew we could still be spending some cash!

Tired shoppers. And their stuff.

Boys were partying on Monday and started again on Tuesday. So party it was. We all went to chill in jacuzzi. It was so much fun. I couldn't take my camera there, so no pics from there. But trust me: it was very fun and also nice, tho the jacuzzi water wasn't even that warm.

Partyparty. And tired me. I went to bed first, because I knew I had work the next day.

Packing the next day was sad. I was so sad to leave. I'm thinking about booking another trip soon. I really need to go to Topshop, Bikbok, Lush, Cubus and so on...


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