September 28, 2009

typical monday

ahhhh... monday is just giving me its typical crap. I mean, I got up at 6 am, it's freezing cold in my apartment and it's raining outside like never. And this is how it started... I'm not going to bore you with the rest of it. But little shopping made me feel hella lot better!

A pair of cutiecute black ugg-like boots from Kappahl. Veeery comfy and did I mention cute ;) ?

I'm maybe so lucky tomorrow that I see my mama, I miss her muchmuch. It's been awhile since I saw her and she might have some time to stop by. Yay! Hope for the best!

I'll post some pics of our gals Saturday night later, I guess tomorrow, because I have the night off, no work(tho' I love it there!)

Ttyl honeys!


September 27, 2009


hey you guys!

i'm sorry, i had many pics for you, but I had to borrow my usb-thing for my friend and she hasn't returned it yet.. So pics tomorrow, or tuesday.
I'm so lazyyyyy, I have to do my homework now. Gosh, I just relaxed the whole day.. That's okay if you have time during the week, but I don't. I'm so busy right now.

But I'll talk to you later!

Have a great one!


September 24, 2009

it girl of the moment

The gorgeous Lily Collins.. She's a host at Nickelodeon and also a model. And daughter of Phil Collins. Ain't she pretty ? I like her hair and the camera obviously loves her. I'd like to have that quality too... :D

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September 23, 2009

couple of outfits

Outfits from last week. Sorry guys, I was really busy so I don't have better ones and I couldn't post them the same day :/
I love my new boots. Should I get them in another color ? Black or brown ? Tell me...

September 22, 2009

helping the economy

Very cute earrings from GT... Lovelovelove..

Couple of cozy shirts for the colder evenings or chilling at home...

Haha, what a mess. But there's a shirt and pencil skirt from GinaTricot. Grey leggings from Veromoda and actually three basic tanks from H&M. Color scale was very black-white-grey. What's wrong with me ?

Earrings were on sale and they are lovely, don't you think ?

So shopping is no longer a problem; I'm supporting the economy. haha.. I just had to get some basics, so I can finally get rid of my old rags. Also I got a beanie that says BAD HAIR DAY in front. How freaking cute is that! :DD I'll post pics later...



September 21, 2009


Here's some pics of our Freshman-party on Wednesday. I met some of my classmates and had a blast. Some bar-hopping...

Do you get the feeling out of these :D ?? Moi had on very red lipstick. I'm thinking about wearing it again very soon..
It's very exhausting going to school the next morning after festivities.. I guess I'm getting old...

Today is school and work.. So I'm a bit busy.

What's going on with you sweeties!?



September 20, 2009

this morning

We had a lazy morning just laying in bed and relaxing. Doggie-dearest liked it and had no rush to go out. Sun was shining nicely and I had slept very well... Perfect Sunday.

it's not all about the booty shaking..

Some tunes for y'all. I love them sooooo ! Enjoy mah ladies and fellas!

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September 18, 2009


Erin Fetherston

Hervé Léger

Victoria Beckham

More lovely RTW for y'all. Thank you, dear Victoria that you let us enjoy your amazing sense of fashion and classy clothing.

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September 16, 2009

give me inspiration

I don't have a good week. I feel like a three-ton-whale, everything in my closet is just very stupid and doesn't fit. And the clothes I feel like wearing, I don't own. Gosh.
It was very refreshing seeing this pic of Taylor Momsen. She looks so cool.

I really want to get lot of distressed jeans and leggings. In black, white, stone-washed... etc.

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September 15, 2009

fashionweek !!!

Vivienne Tam

Nicole Miller

Erin Wasson x RVCA

Boy By Band Of Outsiders

Alexander Wang

spring RTW collections are up and coming... I truly fell in love with so many of these. I mean, who wouldn't!?

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September 14, 2009

vma 09

some red-carpet fashion from this years MTV VMA gala. What do you think ?

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