August 31, 2009


I'm so scared and nervous! Tomorrow my school starts; new beginning. I just hope everything is going to be fine, because last year was really tough.

I don't know what to wear, but the bigger problem is that I need to wake up at 6am! First time in a very long while... haha :D

I hope everything will be fine! Also I'd like to wish good luck to my dear friend who starts school tomorrow too! It's going to be great, sweetie!

Goodnight y'all!


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Don't you just love how men know how to dress... Now cute face isn't enough; a man has to have a sense of style too. Just check out these hotties..

Zac, Chad, Rob, Channing, Chase and Ed. It's like a poem! ;)

I don't believe in metro-sexuality. If women care about these things, men should too. And it's awesome that they are keen about these things.
And I must say that I sometimes adore all the stuff men have... I mean, I'd love to dress up and style up a man too. Their stuff is very cute; always kinda laid-back, but still oh-so-hot!

Ahh.. men and fashion mixed together..



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August 30, 2009


I'm hooked! Me and my friends watch Big Brother Finland every evening. And usually it's very painful and I'm embarrassed for the contestants! But still, it's very entertaining!
Finnish readers: Do you watch it ? Who's your favorite and who's not ??

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happy b-day Blog !!!

My blog has been running for 1 whole year!!! YAY!!
I started it in, but changed it to blogger after New Years. I love to write about anything, really; clothes, style, my life, my dog, movies, shopping...
I strive that my blog would be good enough to read and I want you to know, that I really love to have this blog! If you ever have any tips or favorites or maybe something you'd want me to write about: please leave your comments! And I read every comment, I would even if there'd be 500 of them! Every reader means a world to me, Katwalk is here for You.

Lots of Love

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August 28, 2009

today's inspiration

Kirsten Dunst actually has a great sense of style, I mean very laid-back.. When I was about 14-15 I was a huge Kirsten-fan.

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August 27, 2009

my apartment <3

finally. Sorry, it's a bit rough, and undone.. And I'll post some details later. A little picture tour of it... Welcome, leave your coats and shoes here... And let's begin..



Kitchen(it looks pretty okay here, but I took the picture so there's no wall-paintings showing;):

Livingroom&dining area:


My chateau ;D

What do you think ?

August 26, 2009

last saturday

Sorry y'all, the silence again. Well here's some pics of Saturday. Which was fun, great to party with some old, good friends. Some of us ended up bar-hopping, but I was nicely in bed by 4 am ;)

A LBD outfit and my new necklace from H&M. A bit boring, all black... but so me..

Hot girls and some crazy person ruining the second picture ;DD My bff's place is so cute. I have to ask a permission to do a story of it to blog, so you all can see it. It's very inspirational. And she and her bf love quality and classy chic things.

And here's my outfit from the Sunday. I've been noticing these kind of bags everywhere now; GinaTricot, Stockmann... Well why not, it's cute! I had a job interview on Sunday, but I didn't get it, almost but they had a person who worked in another store and so they didn't have to prep this person like they'd have to do with a new one... :(

Well, whatever.

Now I must hop in the shower and go to grocerie-shopping. We are having a lil' outing tonight. Some people over; wine, finger food, music. Also Big Brother Finland starts today, so we might have to watch it too :DD

I'll catch up with you later! Kisses!!!

ps. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of my apartment!!! ;)

August 23, 2009

moving day pics

Here's some pics from last Saturday when I moved to my own little apartment.

I really don't like moving, but this was actually pretty pain-free. And in the evening I had pizza and cider(great flavor, mango and green apple) and flipped through IKEA catalogue. And it felt like I was at home!

Soon I'll post some pics from the apartment; before and after. I still don't have everything that I want/need here, but maybe you like it anyway!


celeb style

Some cute pieces that you can still copy.

What's your favorite ?

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August 22, 2009

nu kör vi!

I'm off to my friends house... and veeeery late! :/ Darn it.

Happy Saturday mah ladies <3



outfits and pics

Hey you!
Sorry I've been mute, but this decorating and new-found-life is keeping me busy :) I mean I have friends to hang out with, shops to conquer and apartment to decorate. Love it! And soon my school starts and I can't wait! I confess; I'm a bit scared to start over again.

But anyway. Here's some pics from this week...

Outfit from Wednesday. It was pretty warm outside. I had a Tommy Hilfiger bag with me and I used my new sandals first time ever.

Yesterday my lil bro came for a sleepover. It was his b-day present, because when his actual birthday was, he was in Estonia and I was in Helsinki. So we watched a movie, ate burgers and candy. I hope he had fun!
And that was my outfit yesterday... Many bracelets.. :)

Here's a cute pic of Vanessa. I gave my brother a present and he gave the bow for Vanessa. She looks like she likes it, but actually she just posed nicely and started to rip after this pic.

Aaah, shopping. I just had to get these movies. I've been searching Amelie for sooooo long. Also Step Up, but you all know why girls have to own it ?? ;)
And I found this black purse from Lindex. I love that store!!

Today I look like this. And this is what I ate. Salad with garlic dressing and feta-cheese and noodles with turkey. Yummy!
Now I got to jump in the shower and start to get ready. It's party night tonight!




August 19, 2009

Street Style Stockholm/NYC

My two favorite cities in the world... No surprise they also have many stylish habitants living there.

I'm getting a little sad the Summer is over...


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