July 31, 2009


I had to share with you what I found from SpiritStore's sale. They had 70% off and some great shoes too! Because I can never have too many shoes, I bought two pairs. Also they were 28€ together, so that's not bad at all.

I think those sandals are pretty cute. I love gladiator ones, but I wanted a little less straps, because my feet are ugly and big, and too many straps won't work well with that combo. Also white ones are a great choice, because I have so many black things.

And the British GLAMOUR is a must. I love that magazine, in English, French, Swedish... It's well-priced and has so much in it, even though it's smaller than "usual magazines". Also in this issue they featured Blake Lively, and she's gorgeous and has a great sense of style.



My dad and his lady-friend went to London and had a great time. He took some great pics, but I lost his camera's usb-thingy and so I can't put pics here. Sorry.

But the best thing about the whole London was that I got some souveniers, no Big Ben-statues or UK-flags for me, thanks. I got some pretty awesome things, I was lucky.

It's not a lot, but my dad had the smallest bag with him(I told him to borrow mine ;D). I fell immediately in love with those shoes. They are from NEWLOOK. Great store. I got the scarf to match those heels from my so called step-mom. THANK YOUUUU <3
I love the t-shirt. I made it clear that I want this type of shirt, like little miss sunshine. But I ain't no sunshine. Bossy is truly right for me :P

This is a t-shirt my dad got for himself. It's a beautiful pic of Audrey. My dad is a big fan!

Talk to you later peeps! I'm planning to go shopping, 'cause I have a lot of stress and a day off.



July 25, 2009

my week

I'm so glad to have couple of days off. I was getting very tired and it was painful to walk around town the last couple of days...

This week definetly felt very long, never ending... But I managed to do stuff... Here's some proof of that :

Some shopping in GinaTricot. They had a great sale. I've been craving for that pink dress and it was 39.90 and on sale 9,90... Didn't have to think twice...

Omg, I've been waiting for this movie for so long! I didn't have time to go to the movies to watch it, but now it's on dvd and of course I had to see it! This was a rent-dvd, but I'll buy my own for sure. It was so funny and great... Perfect chick-flick for days that you just need a little lifting up. If you haven't seen it: WATCH IT!!

Okay, I've been watching movies this week. I went to see HP6. I liked the book more, couldn't take all the love-drama in the movie and they left very important stuff out. But in general, it was okay. It didn't feel like 2,5h and the actors are developing...

Haha, I look like a dork. Very excited! :DD Maybe it's those popcorns...

Today I have so much to do. I planned to relax a lot, maybe pop in a sauna, but no can do. I'm going to pick up keys to my aunt's, because I'll water her flowers while they are on vacation. Also my friends wanted to hang out and my dad comes back from London.
And tomorrow my mother is coming to Helsinki, so I'll meet her.

No relaxing... But I have time in August after moving and all..

Take care! I'll keep you posted!


July 19, 2009

this day was total waste of...

make up. waking up. cheering up. smiling. working. and so on...

I'm sorry I don't really have any pics now, because I didn't get to do my planned things yesterday(shopping and dinner-I didn't even have time to go and buy some food, because I was held at work just to bug me off) so I have nothing really to show you guys.
I've been just working. And I'm working tomorrow and day after...

But I have the next weekend off, tgi...free weekend!!! I'm planning to go see HP6. I just have to go to movies alone, that's weird :D hhaha..

Was HP6 any good ?




July 17, 2009

Pics, Outfit & yesterday's shopping...

Like I told y'all, I was in Lahti this Tuesday scoping apartment(that I got, yay!). So here's some landscape pics I took.

Okay, and this was my outfit. It was a pretty hot day and I really wanted to wear a dress. So I found my lbd and it was perfect. While waiting for the apartment-showing, I went up this little hill and sat there(tanning) and took some pics as well, you could see whole Lahti from there..

Because I got the apartment, I went to buy my dream purse from Sokos. And I'm in love. It's the cutest thing! I want these in every color!

Okay, I have to go to bed AGAIN! Well, I have only couple more weeks to go with this work and then I can dedicate my time to my apartment and some decorating, and hopefully still some tanning :P
I have still a full week of work ahead, and I'd be so ready for a day off. I'll try to post something on Sunday, at the latest!

I'll keep you posted!



July 16, 2009


Summer nights. Ah, anything can happen, like a hot air balloon lands near our house ;)

July 15, 2009


Again, very tired after work, but so so excited! I got the apartment I went to look yesterday(which was cute lil place, not heaven, but it'll be fine for my school years)! Now I get the paper-work and get to sign everything. And on 15th of August I'm off(or we're, me and baby dog).

And it's so much fun, I get to decorate the whole place( I love that about moving). I WILL FIGHT FOR A RIGHT TO PAINT a couple of walls white. I mean someone had painted awful moons and suns on them. IN KITCHEN ? Wtf :D And it didn't have a lot of closet-space. So that's something I need to figure out too.. But the place is great, I live very near my bff and other friends. And also shops and clubs are near. And school isn't that far either!

I will try to post some pics of my yesterday trip on Friday. Tomorrow I'll see my aunt after work. Gosh. I have still 16 more workdays... And every day feels so long.

Take care darlings ! <3

Lots of Love



I'm such a lazy girl. This was an outfit I had on July 5th. I'll try to keep you more posted. And I'm sorry for the lack of outfits. I have an uniform at work so I usually have time to wear anything else that day. But if you'd like to see my home outfits : big baggy sweat pants and light pink slippers, let me know :D

I have great tanning lines on my feet, because I have shoes on at work and that's when I get my tanning this summer :D Leggings's are from Lindex, very great ones. They also keep the wind and rain(shell suit, eat your heart out)!! Haha. Necklace is from Seppälä thousand years ago and everything else you see is from Gina Tricot.
Hair is awful. Maybe I should go natural, again... Hmmmmmm...

July 14, 2009

random pics

Just some pictures from last couple of weeks that I'd like to share with you..

We got some coffee while hanging in the mall called Jumbo, in Vantaa... I had cappucino, but it tasted like coffee with milk. I wish I'd taken the other one.

I had a movie night, by myself. How sad, haha. This is a movie I've been longing to see. It was okay, not really good, a little crazy. But Sienna Miller was awesome. The actors all did a very good job. And I loved the whole wardrobe and make-up...

I got these very cute sheets from HEMTEX. They are very summer-y, don't you think ? And they feel nice, because they are satin-cotton. Dog loves them too.

I bought my little babes this tooth-brush bone. She likes it, but likes more to hide it around the house. It has been in my laundrybasket, my dad's shoe and inside my jeans that were on my bed one day.

July 13, 2009

My new shoes

They were well-priced : white ones 9,95 € and yellow ones 8,97€. NOT BAD AT ALL! And they are so cute!

My lovely dog destroyed my black ballerinas, thanks a lot, so I had to get a new pair(or two, tee-hee-hee). Well it was okay though, they were in such a bad shape already that my it wasn't nice to walk in those anymore.


And I mean, this was unexpected! Totally. I had made all kinds of plans what I could do if I won't get in... I'm very happy that I'll be a student next year and in a great city and great school.

I got the news last week, sorry for the poor update, but everything keeps me so busy right now and the scheduling posts isn't working and my old computer won't let me "just quickly update".

Now I'm madly apartment-hunting(which is totally not cool. Nobody allows pets and wants 500 € per month of these yellow-brown-blue walled broom-closets. I don't think so.) I mean, I don't WANT THE PERFECT apartment, but something even a-ok, I'll make it work anyways, but usually it comes to the terms that they don't allow my dog or they already had rent it to someone.


But tomorrow I'll go to see one, keep your thumbs up for me, please! This should be a little better than okay!

Talk to you later huns!



July 6, 2009

What the Future holds for me ?

I'm the type of gal who hasn't got a plan. Okay, I'm 22, and I should. I should know what is my dream-job and I should know what I'll be in ten years. I have goals, I just have too many of them, I guess.
Don't be fooled, I am determined, really.

I mean, I'd love to work abroad: Sweden, Canada, France... I love languages, I love cultures. I love art, I love marketing. I love entertaining and I love to plan events. I love to write and be creative. I love PR, I love technicality behind clothes. I love clothes, I love fashion. I do. I love it.

But do I have to make clothes and fashion as my career ? That they are all about my job ? Don't get me wrong: I do love to draw, sketch, sometimes even design. I love to style and I love patterns and materials. But if you ask me, working at Ginatricot or other clothing store would be awesome enough. Just being presence of the clothing is exciting.
Even writing my blog is a great way to be in the clothing-world.

Lately I've been questioning this, my career-options that is. Do I have to study fashion to be able to live my life with it ? I think not. Just look at the fashionistas around the world: Carrie Bradshaw(okay, okay, fictional, but a great example!!) was a writer and fashion was only her passion, not a full-time job. But still, we are always thinking fashion, while hearing her name.

Maybe it's better to have fashion on the side, because if you are talented enough, you will be able to mix it in your career, enough for your taste. Talent and passion always shines through.

I know there is so many branches in Fashion Industry, that finding your own thing is a huge possibility. But still, is it worth to make your love your job ? Because after all, if it is your job, there is also a huge possibility that you start to loath it. (Come on, you know this can happen with jobs!) I think that's too much of a risk.
And I could never be a free-spirited artist, not sure when I get paid and so. I kind a need that 9 to 5-schedule and monthly income, good income.

So now, my Future is a big question mark. I'm in a crossroad. But I think I'm figuring out my way... After all you can always turn back from these roads and start again. It's just pain in the neck.

Leave your thoughts, I really am a mess when thinking about these things.

Lots of Love


This Pic is from Google

July 4, 2009


Congrats to the (my opinion) best and most stylish couple on Earth. 10 years married bliss, that's huge!
I wish you many more years to come!

ps. If you don't believe, I've actually been fan of this couple all the way. I was a Spice girl- and especially Victoria-fan and liked David too, because my friends(who were mostly boys back then thought he was cool).

These pics are from Google

July 2, 2009

wishes wishes...

Haha, I'm already spending my money in my head.. I have a laptop-dream and also I have to get my driver's license-thing done.

But I really need a pair of pants, and I'd love light blue ones. Kinda stone-washed, not like that, that's a bit too much, but lightness of those is good.
Also I'd need a new, elegant watch. I have my cell phone with me, but hey, it would be easier to tell time.
Bikinis, dress, bracelet and sandals are only cravings, but if I find something from sale.... ;D

Also I have to get Vanessa something. She deserves a new collar. Something cute, of course. Also a new toy, because she has destroyed all of her toys and it would be great to throw them away. I've been wanting to get her a shirt or tasteful dress for so long. Just for special occasions.
After all, she's our(meaning my family and friends) little miss sunshine :)

July 1, 2009

summer looks

Blake, Cheryl, Hayden&Lauren. Styles full of summer, don't you think. A little tan, gorgeous hair and smart outfits. I love Blake's pink dress. I'm really starting to crave a hot pink dress for myself.
Also Lauren's hair. Lovelovelove.

ps. I'm sooo tired after 3days of work. haha. My feet ache so bad, cause I've been walking 7h each day. But still, it's so much fun. Can't wait for the payday. I really need to buy jeans and I also crave sandals, I'm a bit over flip-flops.. Talk to you later, peeps! Love -K


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