June 29, 2009

oh I wish..

This would be my dream outfit now.. And please give me hints: where could I find top with twisted back like that ??

These pics are from Polyvore

June 28, 2009


I had a great evening hanging with my friends back from high school. Before that myself and my friend M had pizzas and I went to see her "crib". She has the cutest apartment.

I'm promoting M's new hair. She cut it a bit shorter and got some highlights. After seeing how pretty her hair looks like, I started to question mine, once again :D But I won't go short, no way.

And my outfit looked like this. It was really hot, so I just put on my short shorts and a loose top. I liked this hair-do... But I really need to make the hairdresses apointment, my ends are super dry.

AAAAAH, the summer! I love it like this!!

I'll catch up with you later, lovelies!




I'm stopping by to let you know I had a very busy weekend(and it ain't over yet ;D). I was working Friday and Saturday, and after work I went to bed. Seriously exhausted! Today I have some work-things to do at home and I'll try to put some pics later...

I can't schedule things for you anymore(DON'T KNOW WHY???? ) so I'm sorry for late posts, I'll start my real job tomorrow and I will be posting in the evenings.

But I'll talk to you later. It's heavenly weather outside!! I was tanning a bit, of course!



June 27, 2009

And now I’ll stop the storm if it rains, I’ll light a path far from here...

Beautiful sunset...

I don't know why, but my scheduled things won't post by them self. It really frustrates me, so don't wonder if you get many posts at the same time.

June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson is dead... So suddenly.

May he rest in peace!

Pic is from Google

my faves <3

Here's a list of my favorite beautyproducts. You know, just for fun :D

Shower gel: Nivea's Créme Soft.. It's heavenly!

Shampoo: Well now my lifesaver is L'oreal Silver Shampoo, but I don't know what is my favorite..

Conditioner: I love repairing ones, that make hair extra smooth. For example Schwarzkopf Gliss.

Hairproduct: I like curling or volumizing products, because my hair gets so flat, especially now when it's long.

Hairspray: Wellaflex - Second Day Volume

Curlingiron or straightener: My Remington straightener works when needed.

Haircolor: L'oreal is the best. The best bleach is Poly Blonde or Live Absolute Platinum from Schwarzkopf.

Bodypeeling: H&M one works well for me

Bodylotion: Nivea Intense Moisturizer

Bodyprodukt: Nivea Self-tanning spray is the best! It smells very bad, but the tan you get is worth it!

SPF-produkt: Nivea sun or Nivea for the kids, because it stays on in the water too. Garnier works too.

Fragrance: Britney - Curious Heart, DVB - Signature, Ralph Lauren's are great too...etc. Depends on my mood.

Deodorant: Well, Nivea :D

Facewash: Now I have Nivea Young, it has scrub in it. It's pretty good.

Make up remover: I use only eye make-up remover and it's LUMENE's. It's great. Other comes well off with my facewash

Facecream: Nivea Soft(hahahaa, Nivea-fan :D )

Nightcream: I haven't got one, but I should buy one soon. I'm old :DD

Facepeeling: Clinique Soft Peeling

Facemask: I would like to find a very good one. Any tips ???

Concealer: It's from H&M, pretty good, does it's job.

Foundation: Now I have Maybelline Powder Finish, but it's ending soon. I like Maybelline.

Blush: H&M one. I really recommend H&M-make up. They work for me and you don't have to spend a fortune.

Bronzingpowder: H&M, it's REALLY the best! I had other ones, but now I've been hooked with H&M since 2004!

Mascara: Now I'm using L'oreal Collagen-something. But my all time favorite is Maybelline's Great Lash.

Eyeliner: Rimmel. It has a great small tip.

Eyebrow pencil: I don't use, but I have brown kajal from Wet 'n wild, which is great if needed.

Lipbalm: Now I have random ones. Probably 10 different. Vaselin-based are the best, though.

Lipstick: I don't use them.

Lippgloss: Victoria's Secret-ones or my Clinique plumping ones. And you got to love Lancomé's Juicy Tubes.

Nailpolish: Malava and Revlon are great. Also H&M has great colors.

Picture is from Google

June 25, 2009


Finally I got my H&M order. It has been shipping around Finland and I ordered these, if I remember right, in March :DD I love those shoes and this white top is perfect for parties...

I know I love to shop and have all kinds of excuses to do so, but now I really need a pair of jeans. My beloved ones are dunzo :'(( and the ones I bought last year are way too big. GinaTricot sells awesome ones. Maybe I get them, one day.

Haha, sötnos <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Ttyl babes!!




I have to tell you guys that I got a job!!! I'm very excited. It's basically marketing/promoting..touristhelp also-job. I'm SSOOOOO HAPPY!!! I really hoped that I'd get that job and I just found out I got it.

Also I'll be doing other promoting-job tomorrow, Saturday and next Saturday. I'm beginning to find my thing...

This Tuesday

My Tuesday-outfit. I got little warm, the skirt is pretty thick material. I love this bag. It's vintage, remainds me of Mary Poppins. She pulled out everything from this kind of bag :)

First pic is of our Swedish guests. They were eager to go to Aleksi 13 to shop some shoes. And I wished that too. Darn, I'm broke :DD There were amazing shoes, I have to say!

The second pic is must-have-food-pic. Haha. Just kidding. We ate chicken salad, it was tasty, and a little white wine. Perfect!

Now I'm about to go tanning a bit... This evening I'll meet some friends. I'll catch up with you later!

Lots of love, dear readers!




Something I did while in school. Sorry about the poor quality..

June 24, 2009

weather for the weekend

Weather in Helsinki Thursday-Monday. We'll probably go to out summer cottage this saturday and spend the night and tomorrow I'll meet some friends.

Looks pretty good to me. Sunny and hot :) Maybe I'll get some color this week then.

Have a lovely day everybody!

Picture from here

June 23, 2009

flower power

Some pictures I took.

Today my grandmother's sister and his son with his family are coming from Sweden to Finland for couple of weeks. I'm very excited to see them!

Talk to you later!



June 22, 2009

Midsummer - Juhannus 2009

Sorry for the late update, I got carried away with my computer and tv, and of course I spend hours outside, hope I'll get some color now. But here you are, a lot of pics of my weekend!

We bought some beautiful flowers. I spend midsummer with my grandma, a city-midsummer. And Vanessa was with us, of course!

We went for a walk to this amazing Rhododendron-garden. The weather wasn't nice, but flowers were. I didn't want to bore you with thousands of pictures of different colored flowers ;)

So we made dinner and it didn't leave us hungry at all. I have to promote this table cloth. It's new and from Hemtex. Very midsummer-y, if you ask me.

Then we went to meet my grandmother's brother and his daughter's(I call them cousins, because they are almost my age).

We all took this little midsummer-cruise. The weather was quite okay, a bit grey, but it didn't rain. We saw many bonfires and it was so much fun. I like the sea and I love the finnish and swedish archipelago. Some day I wish I could have archipelago-summer cottage and my own boat. Dream on ;))

Next day we drove to out summer cottage. We just spend there couple of hours, because the weather wasn't great and we were tired. My grandma cleaned up and my dog ran around(and got a tick :((( )

On Sunday we had lunch at Fazer's. Chickenwok and it was delicious!

Then I spend my day reading FEMINA-magazines(love them!! :)and my grandmother had bought us these pink yummy pastries and they were so good that I ate two of them. They were like cookies, but inside they had something tasting like rasberries.

I was pretty tired after this weekend, even though it was very relaxed one. I hope next year midsummer will be sunny and I do something...upbeat :)

Sweet dream darlings <3 Talk to you later!!

Hello everyone!

I just dropped by to tell you that I'll post some pics of my Midsummer later today, because it's wonderful weather outside and I need to be there right now(if I ever want to get a bit of tan...).

I had a very calm, nice midsummer with my dog and my grandmother. I hope you had a great one, what did y'all do ?

Talk to you later, babes!



June 21, 2009

Hello from Vanessa

My Vanessa sends her love to all of you! She enjoys summer and is doing pretty well.

June 20, 2009

outfit from last week

Again outfit from last week, a bit boring so I didn't have rush to publish it the same day.
I don't have my full closet with me here and also I don't have a job so I'm not able to shop. So please have patience with these outfits... I will do some dream outfits for y'all to have something nice to look at :)


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