May 25, 2009


i'm sorry I've been mute again lately. I had the whole moving thing and because I get so frustrated about it, I didn't have so much positive stuff to say.

But then this weekend fell the darkness and I've been seriously questioning everything. My beloved chihuahua, dog, friend, Vanessa, is sick. And it's not good. Vet hopes it's epilepsy(the best case, eh... ://), but that's not fun either. It's just the worst thing ever watching how one tiny dog suffers from seizures.

At the moment she is restless, and she is not seeing very well. We'll start medication tomorrow and hope for the best.
I would do anything to get my happy puppy back :'( now she is just very weird and out of this world.

Now I'm just praying that everything will work out. She's all I have and she has brought so much joy to everyone's lives that she doesn't deserve this!!!

I'll keep you posted...


May 13, 2009

dream birthday outfit

Oh, if I could wear anything this would be it... And I would also eat tons of cupcakes.. they are my favorite! <3

Pics Are From Polyvore

May 12, 2009


Here's an old outfit, from couple of weeks ago. I bought the shirt from H&M. It was only 4,90€, and I have to say, it's perfect: loose and big.. Very cute and I have been looking for a shirt like that for so long. Purse is Burberry and jacket Only. Jeans are so old, I shouldn't be wearing those anymore.
I also found wayfarer-look-a-likes, which you can see a bit. And I fell for them too.

Don't u just love the spring ? My gosh, I love how the trees are getting leaves and it's so sunny. And also, it's already very bright here like 2 am! I love those light summer nights, they are so beautiful.


May 10, 2009


I'm back.. I still have stuff to do, but I also have tons of things to share with you...

Here's a drawing by me.. It is supposed to be my beautiful bff, but the picture doesn't do her justice.

I'm actually drawing at the moment too, some collars for school.. And I have to admit, I'm not using so much talent or passion for those. Anyway, soon starts a Kate Hudson movie from tv, Raising Helen, and I'm going to watch it, and the poor collars won't get that much attention.

Btw. I went blonde again, but it's still quite yellowish... I need to get some silver shampoo to make it better.

Talk to you later!

ps. oooooh, just couple of days till my b-day. Not really excited to get old, but we'll have one bbq party on wednesday and saturday me and my bestie(who btw has b-day tomorrow, congrats dear <3 ) shall throw a birthday-bash! Can't wait... and also school ends on thursday, happy b-day to me! YAY! :)

The pic is by me.


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