December 31, 2009

last post 2009

Now I'm ready to go... We shall to some clubs countdown. I hope you all have a great New Years, however you are spending it. And I wish all the best for you!!!

Talk to you next year babes!



December 30, 2009

This year almost done...

I have couple days off and I decided to visit a good friend. We'll have a fajita-feast tomorrow, some sparkling wine and good time.. Also a great add is that heres a bathtub, so I can take some lushy baths :D YAY!!
I can't really post pics now, but I'll post them next year ;) when I'm back at home where my Photoshop is.

But I'll keep you posted anyway. Today we are going shopping and sightseeing this town(I've never been here before).

Have a great day! It snows so much here...


-Snowbunny Kat

alone again, naturally...

December 29, 2009


I finally managed to have some time to get my driver's license from the Police Office. It has been ready for like couple of weeks but I always had work or Christmas preparations to do...
But now I can drive till I'm 70 yrs :D How weird.
I also got this dvd. I haven't checked it out, but I'm so it's about responsible driving...

One thing less to stress. Next year I'll promise to stress less!


I don't know why, but I can't find a thing from these sales... Is it just me ? :D I'm saving my pennies so I could take a lil' trip to Stockholm again. I mean BikBok, Monkis... love it!

Cute earrings. A new love for me. I want them to be fun, cute and funky :D

Haa. Finally mine. I've been eying this for so many times and now it was 50% off. Had to get it. Looks so cute with leggings and heels and long necklace.

Not from sale. But had to buy. I wanted something and this kinda bra is perfect. And a new shopping bag. No plastics for me!

As well, not from sale. But this had a cute detail on the backside and it's my thing. I think I shall wear this on New Years. Because I'm not doing anything special, but it's still a bit dressier than a normal top.

December 26, 2009

my christmas

Okay. I'll give you a big post right now, many pics. Are you ready ? Here we go...

We are making dinner with my Grandma. I just made the Christmas tartlets.

My Christmas outfit. Red sweater and red bow earrings. Very casual.

Christmas Eve dinner. And the only time of the year I drink regular Coke, btw :D Santa Coke :D

My father and grandma and Vanessa. She of course wanted to take part.

My pretty tree.

Cone cake. It's this chocolate-cake. I wasn't able to eat it, I ate so much already.

Christmas desserts. We had a feast, but I can confess, that we ate these the next day and today too :D

Present time!! Vanessa got 4 packages. This Nosy-toy was from my father.

My gifts :))) I guess I was pretty nice this year.

Here's my gifts.. I got socks, Audrey 8 dvd box, Audrey book, another book, photo album, fancy cleaning gloves(they have for example lace on them :)), marmalade, The Hills season 3(yay yay yay, finally!), Four Christmases-dvd, DVB Signature Story set, Ralph by Ralph Lauren(LOVE IT!!!), necklace, Lovely by SJP, Fiskars Pink set(pink scissors f.ex.), Brideshead Revisited-dvd, Rome calendar, Fashion Illustration book, two pillows for couch (perfect, thanks Grandma!) and then I got some cash. Not bad, eh :D

Little pups presents :)

Christmas Eve walk

Went to the Cemetary to light up a candle for those who have passed.

Christmas Day. I made an American Breakfast for dad.

Eggs, Devil's eggs, bacon, and wannabe biscuits. I made better ones today :D I was sad that I didn't get to make French Toast or Pancakes. Well, next time!

Today dad made Rice Porridge. Usually we eat it on Christmas Eve morning, but I was at work then so we had it today.

My favorite Christmas time drink!!

How was your Christmas ? Are you ready for 2010 ? :)





We have a quite snowy weather here and I guess the internet is affected by it and I managed to get it work somehow now, not sooner. So I'll post Christmas pics later if the connection is still working..

Hope you had very relaxing Christmas everybody!



December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm taking a night off from blogging and really enjoying Christmas with my grandmother and my father. I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Now I'm ready for Santa, hehe, maybe I'll get some gifts :DDD and supper. And finally relax a bit...

Enjoy your Christmas eve!

Lots of Love


This video is from Youtube

Merry Xmas Blog

Have a very merry Christmas



This image is from Google

December 23, 2009

random pic

I got this ornament from my friend for Christmas. Very me. Love it.

What does your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations look like ? What's your tree of dreams like, traditional or shocking pink perhaps ? =)

December 22, 2009

for him and her

Still got some Christmas shopping to do ? I hear you... I'm late this year too.. Here's some ideas what to get to those special gals and guys(best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brothers.. etc..) in your life...

xmas gifts for herxmas gifts for him

I hope everyone like what I got for them... Omg. Only 2 nights to Christmas.

These are from Polyvore

new love

It took me almost 1,5 yrs to get this baby :D I'm so happy. But this one is strictly work, no the sims or downloading...

Hope it'll stick with me for a long time. Next one for me is certainly Mac.

have a great day



December 20, 2009


Sorry for being mute, but my computer just couldn't hold the power and I just got the new one working today...
So I'm still updating now and I'll be posting goodies very soon, but unfortunately(but also fortunately, really) work and Xmas preparations are keeping me very very busy.

I'll catch up with you soon



December 18, 2009

these boots are made for walking..

New boots. But not for me. For my pups. She couldn't walk outside, because it is so darn cold. And I couldn't take her out otherwise. I'm seriously not big on dressing her up, tho' she'd look cute. But I need to keep her warm. Luckily I found boots that matched her jacket. She's so sporty :))

Today I'll do some shopping and meet my friend. I've had such a crap week. Learned a lot and turned another page... Life is full of surprises really, people who you think you know and trust can be something very different and want just bad things for you..

Not merry Christmas yet..



December 17, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Here's pics of my very lazy, tired out Sunday... We got some snow and cold weather, finally. And I did some Xmas-shopping.

A view from my window. You can see a wee bit snow.

Lazy Dogster

After shopping I just had to watch a movie. Do you guess what it is ?

Pizza. Yummy. Just had to have one. My favorite is ham, blue cheese and pineapple.

I found these cute crown candle holders while shopping. I thought they would fit greatly in my apartment and I was right. They are located in my bedroom nightstand.

We got some Kumman kaa - marathon from tv. It was great. I haven't watched it before and now I'm wondering why. IT'S HILARIOUS!!! It's a Finnish comedy of two 30-something ladies... The title asks question with which one, roughly translated. I need to get the dvd!!!

Seriously you guys! One week to go and it's Christmas. I still have SSOOOO much to do and shop and clean up and so. Finally I have three weeks off from school and work. Love it.
I have to go continue my project which is moving my bed to the other side of the room, because it's so cold in the corner where it used to be.

TTYL darlings!




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